SBS Inkigayo with IU-Nicole-Hara

IU is being an MC in Inkigayo with Beast Kikwang and Join with the other MC (2AM Jokwon,f(x) Sulli) to replace the former MC,CNBLUE Yonghwa at 20 March 2011,four of them are MC-ing until 13 November 2011,because the group activity,three of them (Sulli,Jokwon,Kikwang) are out from being MC in Inkigayo and leaving IU as alone MC…Soon,Inkigayo has been choose other MC for join with IU,They are KARA Nicole and Hara.. (IU and Nicole has been close since they are together in SBS Heroes,IU and Hara meet in JYP auditions). This time i want to share with you the friendship of this three MC (ah…now 4 MC with actor Lee Jongsuk)

[13 November 2011 “Last Farewell with the other MC (Sulli-Jokwon-Kikwang)”]

 20 November 2011 (Nicole and Hara joining MC with IU ) [Red and Black Concept]

27 November 2011

4 December 2011 (Fairy,angel concept)

11 December 2011 (Superhero Concept)

18 December 2011 

25 December 2011 (Christmast)

1 January 2012 (New Year)

8 January 2012

15 January 2012 (Cheerleader concept)

 [22 January:SBS Inkigayo is cancelled this day for airing “SBS Pyeongchang Winter Olympics” MC : IU,Kim Hwan,Yoo Hae Young]

29 January 2012 (Witch Concept)

5 February 2012 (Doctor and Professor concept)

12 February 2012 (Miss K-pop concert,they’re K-pop ambassador)

19 February 2012 (Child concept)

26 February 2012

[4 March 2012 : IU MC-ing with Miss A Suzy and MBLAQ Lee Joon (with Elite Uniforms) because Nicole and Hara are busy with other activities] 

11 March 2012 

18 March 2012

25 March 2012

1 April 2012 (IU-Cleopatra style)

8 April 2012

 [15 April : IU MC-ing with Bigbang Daesung and Seungri]

22 April 2012 (Paparazzi concept)

 29 April 2012 (Baseball Concept)

6 May 2012

13 May 2012 (Teacher Concept)

20 May 2012

[27 May : IU MC-ing with EXO K Kai and Infinite Woohyun]

[3 June:IU tweets with the pic..Hara and Nicole is attend before the concert for  support her,IU not attending as a MC during her tour until 15 July 2012 *today* (Last concert in Daegu)]


*after IU vacum from Inkigayo for her solo concert,Inkigayo only with three MC (Nicole,Hara,Jongsuk) but because KARA’s activities and they’re comeback with “Pandora”,Hara and Nicole are out from MC on 19 August,but…IU is back to Inkigayo as MC on 26 August,,we’re have 2 MC (IU and Jongsuk)*

source pic from :

  • IU’s twitter

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