Gallery of SBS Moon Lovers (Bu Bu Jing Xin Korea Ver.)

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Details cast about SBS Moon Lovers (Scarlet Heart Korean Ver.)

Title : 달의 연인 / 보보경심: 려

Working title : Moon Lovers / Scarlet Heart / Startling by Each Step : Ryeo

Broadcast : Second Half of 2016 (September)

Director : Kim Kyu Tae

ScriptWriter : Tong Hua (Novel), Jo Yoon Young

Channel : SBS

Episode : 24 / 35 Episodes (Tentative)

First Script Reading : 8th January 2016

Story : The remake story of Chinese Drama Series ‘Scarlet Heart’ based on Chinese novel “Bu Bu Jing Xin” by Tong Hua. Its a story about a girl in Modern Time that travel back in time and in Goryeo Dynasty. (check this link for more details -> ) Continue reading

Tugas 3 Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris Berbantuan Komputer

Nama : Sarah Aisyah Fitria
Kelas  : 4SA01
NPM   : 16612834
No. 8 type A
Mary go to bed after she had drunk the medicines
Answer : A . go
It should be ‘went’ 
No. 3 type B
Neither Tom or Jane is going to the beach today
Answer : B. is
It should be ‘are’ 
No. 4 type C
Tom and her  sister  studies biology last year, and so does Jean
Answer : C. last year
It should be ‘This year’


Kara Heo Youngji’s Instagram following list

B6X9phcCQAETmBKOnce i made list of IU’s twitter following i want to make for Youngji~

*this list not based from who she followed first,it based on what i see when i made this post,you know instagram’s following list always change*

*when i made this post, her following list is 113 ppl* (of course it will always change)

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Tugas 2 Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris Berbantuan Komputer

Name : Sarah Aisyah Fitria
Class : 4SA01
NPM  : 16612834
Kalimat Direct (tugas 1) = Park Myungsoo said, “IU always send me a ginseng set for Chuseok. She’s been doing that for three years now”.
Kalimat Indirect = Park Myungsoo said that IU has always been sending him a ginseng set for Chuseok and  she has been doing that for three years.

[Kdrama] All BTS pictures of MBC every1 webdrama ‘alchemist’ (연금술사) cast

I decided to make two post for this drama,one for all information about this drama, and this for BTS (and maybe for other official picture later). Thank you~ -Ra-

[ps: if you want to ask about the drama, you can comment here or ask me in twitter/instagram]

Heo Youngji

instagram : young_g_hur

twitter : hyjiiiii


(Youngji with Suwoong)


(Youngji with Kiwoong^^)

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