[INTERVIEW] Vogue Girl with f(x) Sulli

Vogue Girl (V) : isnt it difficult to act again?

Sulli (S) : frankly, i have some pressure cuz it’s been a long time to act. But i thought playing with some staffs and saying to PD everyday as soon as starting recording scenes. I miss the atmosphere of drama sets. I feel finding myself these days. So i feel so more comfortable to act.

: How did u feel seeing “for u in full blossom”? I think u should be considering about cutting ur hair.

S : Carefully speaking, i think it is my role when i see this comics. I felt it is possible to act this role only by me. I think i can do acting this role very well. I was a little sorry for just 1minute before cutting my hair.

V : is Jaehee resemble Sulli who we know?

: she is not “cute and lovely Sulli”. She resembles real Sulli. Many people consider me charming, but i am not just soft and i look like a boy. Also i havent show my emotion. It is too hard in f(x), but it is fortunate to show to be natural of Sulli.

: do u refer to the characters of Yoon eun hye and park shin hye? (fyi,Both of them are have been acted as a man; Yoon Eun Hye as Go Eun Chan at Coffee Prince,and Park Shin Hye as Go Minam at You’re Beautiful)

: just refer to their looks and hair style. I saw their drama interesting. I thought i am good for Go eun chan (Yoon Eun Hye). Haha

V : You are main character of triangle. What is your type manly taejoon (Choi Minho) and warm eun gyul (Lee Hyun Woo)? I mean real ur type, not jae hee.

S : i think manly boy is good, but i like warm boy. I like a boy who say to me first. Plz refer to this. Haha

V : can u be reckless for love?

: I can be reckless for person that I love really, but i am not sure I am smart as Jae hee in drama. I am not good at making plans perfectly, cuz i am not detailed person.

V : What do you want to do if this drama achieces success?

S : Hmm, Shampoo CF!!! When I go to mart and see the photos on shampoo, there are absolutely beautiful star. Frankly, I was envy them.

: If you are someone of f(x), who do you want to be?

: I will split the legs after being Victoria, and then sleep spliting my legs. And I can see more than my world if I have big eyes like Victoria. Ah, Isn’t it reasonable?

Source and Credit to @sulli94net


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