Facts between Juniel and IU

This time I’ll post about facts between this solo singer,IU and Juniel (i love them very much),check this

  • Real name of IU is Lee Ji Eun (이지은) and Juniel is Choi Jun Hee (최준희)
  • They’re both 93lines,IU born on 16 May and Juniel on 3 September
  • Agency in Korea of IU is LOEN entertainment (Now LOEN tree) and Juniel is FnC Music
  • Agency in Japan of IU is EMI Music Japan and Juniel is Warner Music Japan
  • Both of them are a trainee in Good Entertainment (who wants to debut Five girls [AfterSchool Uee,G.Na,Secret Hyosung,Spica Jiwon,Wonder Girls Yubin])
  • Both of them are debuted in Mnet M! Countdown (IU at 18 September 2008 with Mia and Juniel at 7 June 2012 with Illa Illa)
  • Both of them are Solo Singer-Songwriter
  • The first song that compose by IU is Soundtrack of Kdrama The greatest love “Hold my hand” and the first song that compose by Juniel is “Boy” (Ready Go!’s album)
  • Official Fanclub name of IU is Uana (read : Uaena means You and I) and Juniel is Banilla (Bbanini from her first guitar’s name,and Illa from her first debut song in Korea Illa-Illa)
  • Both of them are attended in Corrine Bailey Rae’s concert (But IU is a guest,IU is a big fans of Corrine Bailey Rae,she said she love her more than her mom *lol*,Juniel is a fans of her too,she is covering the song of her “like a star” *IU love the song too*)
  • The meaning of their stage name are,IU (I and yoU,we’ll become one through music) and Juniel (Junie[Junhee] and added “L” means Love)
  • Bloodtype of IU is A and Juniel is B
  • Height of IU is 161,7 cm and Juniel is 163 cm
  • Both of them are first female solo singer in their agency
  • Both of them are doing activities in Japan (IU debuted in Japan at March 2012 but Juniel debuted in Japan at April 2011)
  • their favourite colour is yellow
  • Juniel’s favourite singer is Shiina Ringo,and IU is at the same agency with Shiina Ringo
  • IU’s twitter is http://twitter.com/lily199iu Juniel’s twitter is http://twitter.com/junielism [Korea] and http://twitter.com/junieljp [Japan]
  • Both of them are did audition in JYP Ent,etc
  • Favourite Food : IU (Raw food,Sweet Potato),Juniel (Sandwich,Patbingsoo[a popular shaved ice dessert in South Korea])
  • Both of them have been duet with Yonghwa (IU in KBS Music Bank special with “Lucky” and Juniel in her album with “Fool”)
  • Both of them have been a DJ in radio music (IU in chinhanchingoo with Beast Doojoon,and Juniel in a radio music program in Japan “Tsukichi Music”)
  • IU likes rain very much,but Juniel doesnt like rain
  • Both of them are can play guitar and piano
  • Both of them are likes reading a books (in highschool,IU said she already reads 1000 books,and Juniel is compose a song,after she reads a book)
  • Both of them are said that the people who introduce them and make them interested to music is her father
  • Both of them are start to learning guitar in Junior High School
  • Both of them are decided to wants to be a singer in young age (IU is in 1st grade in Junior High School but she already loves music *especially G.O.D* since 2nd in elementary school and Juniel is in elementary school when she watched BoA’s video)
  • Both of them are want to trip to UK
  • Juniel is called IU as a “sunbaenim” (means senior) because IU is debuted first before her
  • Both of them are loves peach (IU said her favourite fruit is peach,Juniel said she loves the smell of peach)
  • Both of them are have an official facebook IU is http://www.facebook.com/iu.loen Juniel’s FB : http://www.facebook.com/officialjuniel 
  • Both of them are have an official Korean Website, IU is http://iu.iloen.com/ and Juniel is http://juniel.co.kr/
  • Both of them are have an official Japan Website too,IU is http://www.iloveiu.jp/ and Juniel is http://www.juniel.jp/
  • Both of them are have an official Daum cafe too,IU is http://cafe.daum.net/IU and Juniel is http://cafe.daum.net/JUNIEL
  • Both of them are have an ameblo site,IU is http://ameblo.jp/lee-jieun (but IU still a support blog) and Juniel is http://ameblo.jp/juniel/
  • Both of them are have a younger brother
  • If IU is nervous,IU always said “Daebak” (the best),Juniel always said “I am the best”
  • IU and Juniel are met a few times when they are a trainee (I think when they’re trainee in Good ent)
  • IU and Juniel are introduced by an unnie that Juniel know
  • IU and Juniel are went to Hongdae for watch a musical and go to Karaoke and they are go to a cafe and talk in a few hours
  • Juniel isnt a guitar teacher for IU,she said “Every time I met her, I always bring my guitar,Since she (IU) showed some interest, I suggested that she learn how to play guitar. I later heard that her agency had made a plan, and IU can learn to play guitar. “
  • Juniel is know that IU’s favourite singer is Gummy,and IU says to save her number as “Gummy Jieun”
  • Both of them are dont like Mathematics
  • Both of their agency will debuting a new girl group,LOEN will debuting FIESTAR,and FNC will debuting AOA
  • Both of them are regular guest in Super Junior Kiss the radio (IU in 2009 with Leeteuk-Eunhyuk and Juniel in 2012 with Ryeowook-Sungmin)
  • Both of them are closed with their stylist
  • Both of them are love ballad songs~~
  • Both of them are close with their labelmate

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4 thoughts on “Facts between Juniel and IU

  1. I love both!!! 😀
    They r my Idols!!! 😀
    So amazing!!!
    They have many things related in common!!! 😀
    They r Daebak!!! 😀 ❤

  2. Woah! It was posted 2 yrs. ago. I didn’t expect that they have a lots of common too. Like in some stuffs. Well, Im not that a huge fan of them that’s why Im outdated but somehow thanks for this info. Actually I like them now, they’re very talented 🙂

  3. Yes…i have interest in make a post like this..especially if its my idol,so i made post like this..hihi ^^ thank you too for read my post,please keep supporting both of this talented singer~ 🙂

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