[Profile] LOEN’s new Boygroup “HISTORY”

HISTORY (1)Kalau selama ini,kita cuma tau agensinya IU ini kebanyakan isinya adalah perempuan [IU,Zia,Sunny Hill (kecuali Janghyun oppa),Gain,dan Fiestar] akhirnyaaaaa tanggal 26 April 2013 ini,LOEN mendebutkan 5 pria keren (^^) yang tergabung dalam grup bernamakan “History (His Story)”.LOEN mengatakan bahwa mereka adalah Alternative Group,jadi,mereka tidak akan mengikuti tren dari kebanyakan boygroup/boyband,tapi menciptakan musik mereka sendiri,mereka debut dengan lagu berjudul “Dreamer” (narasi dibawakan oleh IU) dan tampil perdana di KBS Music Bank,lagu Dreamer kembali dibuat oleh Lee Minsoo dan Kim Ee Na,dan Lirik Rapnya dibuat oleh Sunny Hill’s Misung,Mini album berisikan tiga lagu (diproduseri oleh Cho Young Chul) ;

  1. Dreamer
  2. D-Day
  3. The Last Time

Buat download albumnya ~> http://k-popdownloadlink.blogspot.com/2013/04/history-dreamer.html (cr:KMusicDL)

Aku akan memperkenalkan mereka dari yang pertama kali dikeluarkan teasernya~^^ (Setiap teaser semua member ada Fiestar Jei nya juga,jadi LOEN kali ini benar-benar menggunakan artisnya sendiri untuk mendukung grup baru ini…)

HISTORY (2)About “History” #LetsMakeHISTORY

Twitter semua member :

송경일(@_songkyungil )
나도균(@_nadokyun )
김시형(@_kimsihyoung )
김재호(@_kimjaeho )
장이정(@_jangyijeong )

MV “Dreamer” (Narr.by IU) = http://youtu.be/zM5GpSPGk-Y

☞ HISTORY Fan Cafe ː http://cafe.daum.net/HISTORY426
☞ HISTORY Facebook ː www.facebook.com/HISTORY426
☞ HISTORY Twitter ː www.twitter.com/HISTORY426
☞ HISTORY Youtube ː www.youtube.com/HISTORYloen

Debut stage

[Music Bank 130426] : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5J7_xSudHNE (cr:TanVuLiveKBS2)

[Music Core 130427] : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7vUugZgqE8 (cr:jamieee418)

[Inkigayo 130428] : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bu2iA0vA9g (cr:KMusicLiveSBS)

Kim SihyoungTeaser “Kim Si Hyoung” (Spirit) = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4IS-lTpDyo

“He has an amazing appearance that looks like he just jumped out of a comic book. This man became famous even before his debut, having his own fan page. But don’t be fooled by his chicappearance. His amazing smile might take your heart away. By the way, his voice is amazing too.” -LOEN-

Name : Kim Si Hyoung

Birth : 15 May 1992 (WOW One day before IU)

Position : Rapper

Height : 182 cm

Weight : 63 kg

Blood type : A

Education : Busan High School of Arts

Other :

  •  Ulzzang and previously a model for showganzi
  • Was a cast member of Ulzzang Shidae 3
  • Chosen as “New Ulzzang” out of 4000 people
  • Mistaken as SHINee Taemin’s older brother (Lee Taesun)
  • In History’s debut song,he narrate with IU

Jang YijeongTeaser “Jang Yi Jeong” (Moderation) = http://youtu.be/pGcaZm7HgcM

“If you think about the time when he was on MBC ‘Star Audition:the Great Birth II’, you will remember his cute face. His special voice moved our heart. At the same time, he has the courage not to shake even on his first time appearing on TV. For the last one year, Jang Yi Jeong’s special attraction has gotten stronger. Fans will finally get the assurance that their insight was right.” -LOEN-

Name : Jang Yi Jeong

Birth : 10 September 1993

Position : Maknae,Main Vocalist

Height : 173 cm

Weight : 58 kg

Blood type : A

Other :

  • Contestant of “Birth of Great Star Season 2”
  • Featuring in IU’s newest song in Repackage Album “Modern Times” Title “Friday”

Song KyungilTeaser “Song Kyung Il” (Sweat) = http://youtu.be/3nuvoV4MV68

“He is the man of man that even members agree on. Although he has a very strong face, he also has a very sensitive and kind personality. He has the wholeheartedness and sincerity that makes him move as soon as he decides to do something, and he is a man who achieves it too. His vocal is attractive, but his dance is just as amazing since he has studied modern dance. If you want to see him dancing, please check out IU’s Japan song ‘Beautiful Dancer’ music video.” -LOEN-

Name : Song Kyung Il

Birth : 28 November 1987

Position : Leader,Sub Vocal,Rapper

Height : 183 cm

Weight : 72 kg

Blood type : A


  • Was a model
  • Part of Nuthang (pronounced ‘new-thang’), a group of close friends that includes Big Bang’s G-Dragon & TOP, along with  Lee Soo Hyuk (model), Yang Seungho (model), and other famous people including actors, models, law students, stylists, and more.
  • Majored in modern dancing
  • Backdancer of IU “Cruel Fairy Tale” (perform) and Main Dancer at IU “Beautiful Dancer”

Kim JaehoTeaser “Kim Jae Ho” (Wealth) = http://youtu.be/h-Kf_H_3RMo

“He has the ability to make himself the main character with his dancing, singing and rapping skills. He has a positive mindset, believing in ‘I can do it’. He has a bright personality where he always smiles, and has happy virus to spread happiness. You won’t be able to swim away from his attractiveness that will come in to you slowly.” -LOEN-

Name : Kim Jae Ho

Birth : 17 September 1992

Position : Rapper,Sub Vocal

Height : 174 cm

Weight : 58 kg

Blood type : B

Na Do KyunTeaser “Na Do Kyun” (Consideration) = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bq_LgTiaRE&feature=youtu.be

“He says singing makes him the most happy. When he is singing, he is beautiful. His voice is so sweet that you might want to give him his heart when you hear it. His handsome features and good manners make him look like a model student, but his another attraction might be him becoming talkative when he’s with his members. He prepared very diligently and he waited for this more than anyone. This man is coming to you to capture your heart.” -LOEN-

Name : Na Do Kyun

Birth : 11 Februari 1991

Position : Lead Vocal

Height : 184 cm

Weight : 65 kg

Blood type : O 

Other :

  • Debuted in Buzz, a Korean rock band in November 16, 2010—his stage name was Nayul (나율) and he was the main singer/vocal
  • Released two albums when he was a part of Buzz: Fuzz.Buz (2010 Debut) & Buzz Return (2012)
  • Past agency was A1 People
  • 2008 Gyeonggi-do Tournament
  • 2nd Place at ‘Youth Festival’
  • Sang “Because it’s you” (OST Love Rain) http://www.4shared.com/mp3/55WBTTIO/love_rain_ost_-_because_its_yo.html (cr:4shared)
  • Cameo in MBC Drama “Medical Top Team” ep.7

credit and source : HISTORY’s twitter,LOEN’s twitter,http://blog.history.co.vu/

Bonus Pic :

IU with HISTORY[Kiri ke Kanan] Kim Sihyoung-Na Dokyun-Jang Yijeong-IU-Kim Jaeho-Song Kyung Il



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