Details cast about SBS Moon Lovers (Scarlet Heart Korean Ver.)

Title : 달의 연인 / 보보경심: 려

Working title : Moon Lovers / Scarlet Heart / Startling by Each Step : Ryeo

Broadcast : Second Half of 2016 (September)

Director : Kim Kyu Tae

ScriptWriter : Tong Hua (Novel), Jo Yoon Young

Channel : SBS

Episode : 24 / 35 Episodes (Tentative)

First Script Reading : 8th January 2016

Story : The remake story of Chinese Drama Series ‘Scarlet Heart’ based on Chinese novel “Bu Bu Jing Xin” by Tong Hua. Its a story about a girl in Modern Time that travel back in time and in Goryeo Dynasty. (check this link for more details -> )


IU as HaesooIU as Hae Soo

[China ver.]

Zhang Xiao (name in 21st century) traveled back to Qing Dynasty because she suffers from a fatal accident and she trapped in the body of her incarnations ; in this era everyone call her as Maertai Ruo Xi (Cecilia Liu), at first she want immediately to back to the future, but then she became adapt well with the era at that time. Ruo Xi’s character is very perfect as a woman, She is independent, thoughtful, practical, spirited, She can easily make friends with everyone even with the king/emperor. The emperor is favor her so much. All her servant can easily call her as ‘Jie Jie (sister)’ not formal like master or something else.

[Korea Ver.]

In Korea version, Go Ha Jin (name can change) traveled back to Goryeo Dynasty “King Taejo Era” and became her incarnation in the past, Haesoo. She has a cousin eonni named Lady Haessi (Park Shieun) who is the wife of 8th prince (Kang Haneul). As a girl who knows the future, she knows among the princes who will be the next king after King Taejo. Among the princes, She involved in love with 4th prince, but she’s in a relationship for a while with the 8th prince, 10th prince and 14th prince have a crush too with her but she only treat them as friend, her best friend among the prince is 13th prince, she can easily talk everything with him.

Lee Junki as Wang SoLee Junki as 4th Prince ‘Wang So’

[China ver.]

Ruo Xi knows Yin Zhen (Nicky  Wu) is the future emperor of Qing Dynasty, initially she purposely keeps her distance from him because she knows that he is the future emperor. But later, 4th prince is also become Ruo Xi’s true love, he genuinely falls in love with her, and it’s a very intense love because he’s the kind of man that rarely lets go of his emotions, but once he does, he will do anything for get it

[Korea ver.]

He is the 4th son of King Taejo of Goryeo Dynasty. Haesoo’s true love later…. He lives imprisoned in his cold mask, but he eventually takes it off thanks to Hae soo and is able to passionately love another.

Kang Haneul as Wang WookKang Haneul as Wang Wook (8th prince)

[China ver.]

8th prince/ Yinsi (Kevin Cheng) is her sister,Ruo Lan’s husband, but her sister is just a concubine (or we can say it as the second wife), later they have interest to each other, but because the fight for throne, She asked him to choose between the throne or her, then they broke up because 8th prince prefer for the throne.

[Korea ver.]

Wang Wook is the husband of Haesoo’s cousin,Lady Hae. But he eventually likes Haesoo, they were in a relationship. He is Haesoo’s first love. His big rival is his own brother,4th Prince Wang So.

Jisoo as Wang JungJisoo as Wang Jung (14th prince)

[China ver.]

Yinti (Lin Geng Xin), initially just a casual friend to Ruo Xi, but not as close as Ruo Xi’s friendship with 13th prince, neither she still treat him with a polite distance. He supported her to marrying 8th prince. Though later he fell in love with her, but she never reciprocated his feelings, he never pressured her to do so, instead he waited paitently for her to choose him. Later, actually the fight for throne is between 4th and him,they are a sibling from one mother (one of Kang Xi’s wife).

[Korea ver.]

Like 10th Prince, Wang Jung have a crush to Haesoo too.

PRINCES =Kim Sanho as Crown Prince

Kim Sanho as 1st Prince (Crown Prince)

Hong Jonghyun as Wang YoHong Jonghyun as Wang Yo (3rd prince)

Yoon Sunwoo as Wang Won

Yoon Sunwoo as Wang Won (9th Prince)

Baekhyun as Wang Hyun

EXO Baekhyun as Wang Hyun (10th prince)

 the most playful and prankster among the princes, Haesoo’s first friend among the princes, He has crush to haesoo, haesoo likes him too but not more than a close friend

Nam Joohyuk as Wang OokNam Joohyuk as Wang Ook (13th prince)

Based on the chinese vers. means he is the very loyal caracter to 4th prince and the bestfriend of Haesoo,probably the closest one among the princes

Kang Hanna as Hwangbo YeonhwaKang Hanna as Princess Hwangbo Yeon-hwa

Wife of 4th Prince

Park Shi Eun as Haessi BuinPark Shi Eun as Lady Hae

She is the wife of 8th prince (Kang Haneul), in china ver. Maybe she is Ruo Lan, but in china ver. Ruo Lan is Ruo Xi’s sister, meanwhile in korea ver IU (Hae soo) is her cousin.

Seohyun as Woohee

SNSD Seohyun as Princess Woohee

She is the last princess of the later Baekje Kingdom which fell into King Taejo’s Goryeo Dynasty and disguised herself into a gisaeng (geisha), She attracts the attention of many aristocrats as a dancer. *my guess she will be the character of Lu wu in chinese ver. Means she likes 13rd prince and is Haesoo’s friend too*

Z.Hera as Sun Deok

Z. Hera as Sun Deok

Daughter of Park Soo Kyung (Sung Dong Il) and The wife of 10th Prince (Baekhyun).

Jin Kijoo as Okdan

Jin Ki Joo as Chaeryung/Okdan

She is Yutan in Korea version, Yutan is the servant of Ruo Xi but Ruo Xi treats her just like a close friend.

Another Character in Royal Family (Goryeo Dynasty) = 

Jo Minki as King TaejoJo Minki as King Taejo

Like Emperor Kang Xi in China version, in Korea version, Means later King Taejo will favor Haesoo a lot, who is his servant.

Park Ji Young as Hwanghu YussiPark Jiyoung as Queen or Lady Yoo

One of antagonist character in this drama, For a perfect life of herself, she is a cold mom who always using her own child.

Sung Dong il as Park Soo KyungSung Dong Il as General Park Sookyung

Father of Sun Deok and General (+ helper) of 4th prince. Eventhough he is a general, in front of her daughter, he can do anything for his daughter.

Kim Sungkyun as Choi JimongKim Sung Kyun as Choi Jimong

The unique and genius governor in Goryeo Dynasty

LIST OF NEWS ABOUT MOON LOVERS (hope it can help you to know more about all the character)

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15 thoughts on “Details cast about SBS Moon Lovers (Scarlet Heart Korean Ver.)

  1. In the history it’s said 4th prince married to yeonhwa… But it does in Chinese ver. And korean ver. as well?? Then where’s hee soo? She could back to future?

  2. may i know the last story or ending ..will be hae soo and wang so will be together
    for this story its all dream of hae soo ..what all about it …..and those prince died im sad
    its a perfect couple lover of wang eun ang sun deok..but they died .couz .of the 3rth prince wang yo ..their story is so short but .they have romantic moment .
    hae soo .will be die right for having sick her self ..what would happen of wang so …if the time that happen …

    its true all princes died ,when hae soo awake fot his dream ….

    its the best story i saw in your country……im so addicted for this movie …….thanks for the person who made this….

  3. Every night, I was so excited to watch the Scarlet Heart because for me Scarlet Heart is the most Beautiful korean drama that I was watch. And I amaze to this beautiful story and ofcoures to all the Cast

  4. I love the scarlet heart because I appreciate the story of life ni Wang So and Hae Soo and I will watch everyday and I will suport the Scarlet Heart and it was so beautiful story

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