[Post] all about “The Romantic & Idol”

A little about this variety show :

This variety is about the eight idols from kpop group or maybe soloist,for feeling something about dating,because in korean entertainment,actually,idols can’t too open about their date,boyfriend or girlfriend.. because they want to protect the fans,and..because this program is a real date story,even their manager or stylist can’t disturb and can’t interfere them,this program is letting the idols express their true feelings [without being concerned] because it’s not like variety programs; it’s a reality programs… (but actually this program is make me very confused)

OST of The Romantic and Idol = Two Months (Do Dae Yeon-Kim Yerim/Lim Kim) – The Romantic

Season 1


The Romantisist :


jihyun4minute Nam Jihyun (Leader,Vocal)

SeungahRainbow Oh Seungah (Vocal)

jeiFiestar Kim Jin Hee *Jei* (Leader,Vocal)

hyejeongAOA Shin Hyejeong (Visual,Vocal)


Jun.K2PM Kim Minjun *Jun.K* (Main Vocal)

hyungsikZE:A Park Hyungsik (Vocal)

mirMBLAQ Bang Cheol Yong *Mir* (Rap,Maknae)

jbGOT7 Im Jaebum *JB* (Leader,Visual,Vocal)


First meeting-couple are : 4minute Jihyun (24)-ZE:A Hyungsik (22) [In Cinema] | Fiestar Jei – 2PM Jun.K [In Subway] | Rainbow Seungah – GOT7 JB [In Cafe] | AOA Hyejeong – MBLAQ Mir [In Pedestrian Crossing] *MISSION : Hold Hand*

Change-Stay : Jihyun (change) – Hyungsik (change) | Jei (change) – Jun.K (stay) | Seungah (Stay) ♥ JB (stay) | Hyejeong (Stay) – Mir (change)


Song Shuffle : Mir (My Love – The Nuts) ♥ Hyejeong/Jei | Hyungshik (Gift – Park Hyoshin) | Jun.K (Call you mine – Jeff Bernat) ♥ Jihyun/Seungah | JB (Think about chu’ – Asort Union)

Love Letter : Hyejeong -> Mir | Seungah -> JB | Jei ♥ Jun.K | JB -> Jihyun | Jihyun ♥ Hyungsik | Mir -> Jihyun


Necklace Shuffle : Seungah – Mir | Jei – JB | Hyejeong – Jun.K | Jihyun – Hyungsik *MISSION = Tie Hair up*

Video : Seungah -> JB -> Jei -> Jun.K -> Hyejeong -> Mir -> Jihyun ♥ Hyungsik


Clothes Shuffle : Hyungsik – Jihyun | JB – Seungah | Mir – Jei | Jun.K – Hyejeong | *MISSION = BACK HUG*


Song Shuffle : Hyejeong (Boyfriend – Justin Bieber) | Jihyun (Aftermath – ZE:A)♥Hyungsik | Seungah (I’m in love – Narsha) ♥ JB/Jun.K | Jei (Nothing better – Brown Eyed Soul) ♥ Mir


Midnight Truth Room : Hyejeong -> JB | JB<->Seungah | Mir <-> Jei | Jun.K -> Hyejeong | Hyungsik<->Jihyun

Eps.8 the ending [Final Couple]

Hyejeong ♥ Jun.K | Seungah ♥ JB | Jei ♥ Mir | Jihyun ♥ Hyungsik

Season 2

season 2

The romantisist :


gnaChoi Jin Ah *G.Na* (Solo Singer)

yewon Kim Yewon (Actress,Singer,Former member of Jewelry)

jiwonSPICA Yang Jiwon (Visual,Vocal)

eunyoungTwo X Eunyoung (Rap,Maknae)


jonghoonF.T Island Choi Jonghoon (Leader,Guitar)

kevinZE:A Kevin (Main Vocal)

minhyuk-BtoB Lee Minhyuk (Rap,Visual,Vocal)

n-VIXX Cha Hakyeon *N* (Leader,Vocal)

Eps.8 : *Romantisist First Meeting with the staff*

Eps.9 (130106)

First meeting : G.Na – FT Island Jonghoon [Namsan Stair] | ZE:A Kevin – SPICA Jiwon [In the middle of Hongdae] | Yewon – BtoB Minhyuk [In the Overpass] | Two X Eunyoung – VIXX N [In the museum] *MISSION : Hold Hand*

Change-Stay : G.Na (stay) – Jonghoon (change to Yewon) | Kevin (stay) – Jiwon (change to Minhyuk) | Yewon (stay) ♥  Minhyuk (stay) | Eunyoung (stay) ♥ N (stay)

Eps.10 (130113)

Necklace Shuffle : Jiwon-N | Yewon-Minhyuk | G.Na-Jonghun | Eunyoung-Kevin *MISSION : Back Hug*

Bus Shuffle : G.Na-Kevin | Jiwon-Minhyuk | Yewon-N | Eunyoung-Kevin

Middle Choice : Jiwon->Minhyuk | Yewon->? *To be continued*

Eps.11 (130120)

Middle Choice : *Ladies* Jiwon -> Minhyuk | Eunyoung -> N | G.Na -> Jonghun | Yewon -> Minhyuk (So,both of Yewon and Jiwon choose Minhyuk) *Man* Kevin -> Jiwon | N -> Eunyoung | Jonghun -> Yewon | Minhyuk -> Yewon (so..the couple who success for this middle choice are N♥Eunyoung and Minhyuk♥Yewon)

Clothes shuffle : *the girls has been prepared the clothes for the boys* N-Jiwon | Kevin-Eunyoung | Minhyuk-G.Na | Jonghun-Yewon (finally,,Jonghun dates with Yewon)*MISSION : Kiss on forehead* -to be continued-

preview for next episode : what happened with Yewon? after she dates with Jonghun,in the end of the episode it seems like the date didn’t end so well and they ride to dormitory in silence and Yewon is seen looking down while everyone else is happily conversing.(i see Minhyuk,G.Na,Eunyoung,Jiwon,and Kevin) I’m really curious as to what happened! is it something about the mission? or about anything else? lets see next week~~

Eps.12 (130127)

Song Shuffle : Minhyuk (FIN.K.L – Forever Love) ♥ Yewon | Jonghun (Jung yeop – I want to kiss you) ♥ G.Na | Kevin (Nelly – Dilemma) | N (Eric Bennet – Here In My Arms [Lucius Lullaby]) ♥ Jiwon/Eunyoung

Preview for next episode (maybe last episode) : Maybe,there is a free date (again) before the final choice,we’ll see Jonghun dates with Yewon again,Minhyuk with Jiwon (maybe for the last time),Kevin with Eunyoung,and i dont know,maybe G.Na with N? We’ll see Jonghun and G.Na get in to the midnight truth room (like in season 1 before the final choice),and……When the final choice,the first girl is G.Na,and Jonghun is the one who stay in that place..is he choose G.Na? is he do something like JB in final choice? lets see next week *sorry,very bad in english!*

Eps.13 (130203)

Song Shuffle Date Mission : Piggy back

Midnight Truth Room : Minhyuk to Jiwon | Kevin to Jiwon | N to G.Na | Jiwon to Minhyuk | G.Na to Jonghoon | Jonghun to Yewon | Yewon to Minhyuk | Eunyoung to N

Preview for next episode (LAST EPISODE) : 30 minutes before Final Choice,Minhyuk’s face is still confuse for choose and Jonghun is confuse too,hm..i think Yewon will be with Jonghun…arggghhh….Last episode….i dont want to make prediction anymore…lets see this sunday,and i’ll update again later….

Eps.14 (130210)

Free Date : Yewon – Jonghun | Minhyuk – Jiwon | G.Na,Eunyoung & N (Because,Kevin is back to Seoul for his schedule)

Final Choice : G.Na (alone) | Eunyoung (alone) | Yewon  Minhyuk | Jonghun (alone) | Kevin (alone) | N (alone) | Jiwon (alone) 

(YEAHH..only Yewon and Minhyuk,couple of this season…..Poor Jonghun…oppa..try again next time~ its just a variety show..btw,congrats for Yewon and Minhyuk….but,,i hope N can with Eunyoung too~~)

Total 7 episode for this season..


*Jika ada Season 3,maka akan segera di post yang baru,post yang ini hanya untuk season 1 dan 2,terimakasih untuk yang membaca postku ini..post “The Romantic & Idol” adalah post yang paling banyak view nya~thankyou^^*


29 thoughts on “[Post] all about “The Romantic & Idol”

  1. Can you tell me the romantic and idol season 2 OST? I really want to download them, especially some instrumental songs. Thanks a lot!

  2. Don’t you just love the show? I only watched Season 1 but it’s got to be one of my favourite K-shows ever!

    I really love these relationship variety shows, it gives you a chance to see how each idol interacts with each other and how they get along. The show is very good but there are a lot of issues that bring upon it with fans and such. I wrote a post about it on my blog and I hope you will view and comment when you have the time! http://nynyonlinex.wordpress.com/2013/02/25/issues-with-relationship-variety-shows/

  3. i love your post~ i think even it’s not real,i’m already being their shipper…
    and example,i’m khuntoria shipper,i’m still support Khun with 2PM,and Vic with f(x) no matter what happen~

  4. can u tell me a song that play in the end of season 2 ?
    it have lyric… just a moment i can heat “i never knew u cry and i never knew u cry….. u never knew u cry i never know ur mind…”
    😦 i try to find but cant know what the name of the song ~

  5. @jen ahh that song..i know what you mean…but i’m so sorry,even korean netizen are don’t know about this song…
    i’m try my best to find the song…

  6. yes…. i think i should cut the song in the video :))) i like this song so much 😀
    if u can find the name of the song, can u contact me ?
    and i hope i can talk more with u …. nice to meet u ^^~

  7. Syang banget, padahal Eunyoung – N aku tungguin bgt –”

    kalo review aku pribadi, lebih greget yg pertama, keliatan aja kalo mereka saling kenal siapa teman2 mereka, lbh akrab dan juga g semuram season 2 –v

    diseason dua kaya agak mentingin ego –”

    no bash, ini cuma pendapatku, makasih 🙂

    btw, thanks..
    Aku nungguin season 3 yg katanya couplenya bakal, we O We

  8. Wow, superb weblog format! How lengthy have you ever been running a blog for? you made running a blog look easy. The overall look of your web site is magnificent, as well as the content!

  9. That song in the end of season 2 it goes when the guitar started.. the scene was when yewon going to make her final choice. that song really.. i’ve heard it on RM and now here. but still didn’t find about it on the web. how frustrating, i like that song..

  10. can anyone give me title of romantic idol s2 ost – last episode..when enyoung fail ..the song like ” goodbye…..goodbye..” there are many times i search in the interenet about the song goodbye in korean but i don’t get it..someone please help me..i reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy like that song…please reply

  11. I like season 1 more. I think the season waaaaaaaaaaay better. The idols really make good friends and having fun there. And the show had a happy ending. Love it so much… ^^

  12. That song of GNA and Jonghun in season 2 Jung yeop – I want to kiss you i’ve heard it on a FMV and still didn’t find about it on the web only the mv TTnTT. it’s really frustrating, i like that song.and I want the mp3 😦

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