[Post] Materi Penulisan Bahasa Iklan

Name : Sarah Aisyah Fitria

Class   : 1sa03

NPM    : 16612834

Product : a new restaurant with delicious pizza with topping cheese,salad,and meat in a top of the pizza called “big pizza”

  • Promo Prize = Rp 35.000,-/a pizza with diameter 40 cm
  • You can order anything beside pizza,we’re have a big portion for one fried rice
  • We have pancake,pie,rainbow cake,and a pudding with fruit as you want for a dessert
  • Special Prize in breakfast and dinner only Rp 25.ooo,-/a pizza with diameter 40 cm
  • Special menu in Lunch,if you buy two you get one large softdrink
  • If you want to order and want us to bring your pizza,you can call us in 021-87798878/-79
  • You can get a special menu like special topping and large softdrink too if you order in midnight time
  • We will send it to your home in around 30 minutes after you order it
  • If you want to find us,our restaurant are located at Supermall Karawaci Tangerang,Margo City Depok and Cilandak Town Square

“We’re try the best for serve you all since we’re still a new restaurant,please support us,and tell to your friend about us”


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