Kara Heo Youngji’s Instagram following list

B6X9phcCQAETmBKOnce i made list of IU’s twitter following list..now i want to make for Youngji~

*this list was based from who she followed first (according to browse Instagram via computer not via phone)*

*when i made this post, her following list is 113 ppl* (of course it will always change)

(for the picture,i try to find their pic with youngji or still related to youngji~~)


CHLC5UMUUAAw-uV[1] Kara Han Seungyeon (@thesy88)

-> details : Youngji join w/ Kara after win from Kara project, Fan called them as HamHeo,both look like Hamster sibling~ Seungyeon eonni is the last Kara member that meet with Youngji because she’s busy with her drama filming. See how Youngji protect seungyeon eonni from cold and rain. For her latest drama ‘Another Oh Haeyoung’, she said Seungyeon eonni help her when she practiced her lines, SY even asked Kim Jisuk to take care Youngji well. On her first solo fanmeeting in Japan, Seungyeon and Gyuri send her video message.

I love HamHeo~~~~>>.<<


[2] Kara Park Gyuri (@gyuri_88)

-> details : Youngji join w/ Kara after win from Kara project. Gyul eonni is really a good leader, she treat all the member same,we fans call them as GyulHeo…. For her latest drama, She said gyuri paid attention a lot to it since she got the script for the first time, and gyuri send video message like Seungyeon to support Youngji.

*we love you Gyuri eonni, thank you for always be a good leader to Kara….we love you Gyul eonni~*

tumblr_inline_noa8wqCvup1r7o07d_540 tumblr_inline_noaa4njE5p1r7o07d_540[3] Kara Goo Hara (@koohara_)

-> details : Youngji join w/ Kara after win from Kara project, Hara has been in Youngji’s position before (as the new member of the group), she and Jiyoung was replace Sunghee in Kara, because she felt that before, she know how’s the feeling of it,she feels like she need to be the one who close to Youngji first, with GooHeo as their couple (?) name, maknae line in Kara..

CQUYFbHUcAE3uCr[4] Gag woman Lee Gookju (@gookju)

-> how they met + details : Like Jackson,Joon oppa,and Sunny eonni, Gookju eonni is one of new member in Roommate,she became Youngji and Nana’s roommate too…in KARA, She is friend with Gyuri too….. Right now, both are part of panelist on SBS Program ‘God of Voice’

B_el2LZUsAAkxQw[5] f(x) Amber (@ajol_llama)

-> how they met : can someone reminds me how they met? i forget…is it on dream team? or on game of thrones? or in roommate??

17974799465518f1d90b0ef fce3af258616123e694cc90bafd824d2[6] Afterschool/ Orange caramel Nana (@jin_a_nana)

-> how they met + details : Nana is the cast member since season 1,the only girl from season 1 that still in season 2,she became the roommate of Youngji, together with Gookju

with sunny[7] SNSD Sunny (@515sunnyday)

-> how they met + details : like Joon oppa and Jackson, Sunny eonni is the new cast in SBS Roommate Season 2 too, as a big sunbae and a rookie who just debut, on their first episode, Sunny alr said that to Youngji (and Nana) who is  a girlgroup member to not feel uncomfortable with her just because she is a big senior, and be friend with her.

648a6ecedda07e77cc145bdfcd94506e 12276842_458542124333154_1430083064_n[8] Gagman Jo Seho (@chosaeho)

-> how they met :Like nana,Seho oppa is from season 1 of Roommate too, he always bring laughter and fun in the share house, Youngji always laugh hard when Seho oppa did a gag, or told her something funny


[9] GOT7 Jackson (@jacksonwang852g7)

-> details : Jackson and Youngji are the new cast in SBS Variety Show Roommate Season 2

[10] Actor Park Minwoo (@1m1actor)

-> how they met : they are cast member in SBS Roommate season 2 (but Minwoo is from season 1 too)

B8ctjreCEAIwUQR (1)[11] Official account of Coffeeterior (@coffeeterior)

-> ps : its Youngji’s parent coffee shop

B5WlUAJCIAAoZYx2015110701000644900043781_99_20151108190110[12] Actor and 5urprise member Seo Kangjoon (@seokj1012)

-> how they met : Kangjun oppa is the first people that Youngji met when she came to the house, Kangjun helped her to move her bags to her room (room no.1), before Jackji happened many Roommate fan ship them,we called them as KangJi


[13] Solo singer G.na (@missginachoi87)

-> how they met : she is Chamsonyeo member with Youngji,Sohyun,and Lizzy from Hitmaker

[14] Hong Sukchun (@tonyhong1004)

-> how they met : they met for the first time when he came for help the roommate family making tofu in Roommate, then after that they met few times in a program


[15] Miss A Fei (@ff0427)

-> how they met : like Zhoumi,they met first time when Youngji as the guest in C-radio

CCWIBS2UwAERn5-[16] Miss A Jia (@mjbaby0203)

-> how they met : same as fei and zhoumi

Screenshot_2015-12-06-12-24-01-1[17] Son Eunhee (@eunhee0503)

-> how they met : seems she is the hairstylist for Kara and other DSP artist~

10584597_1589212437985838_1077015036_n[18] MC Lee Byungjin (@Malbbalra)

-> how they met : they met at KBS Dream team,he is the MC of that variety show

with dahye

[19] Bestie Dahye (@dahye0612)

-> how they met : they met while filming for KBS Dream Team Charcoal special episode, they were in the same team


[20] DJ Doc *Kim Chang yeol* (@doc102)

-> how they met : Youngji is in his team in KBS Dream team


[21] Kim Haeun (@kimhaeun7)

-> how they met : they met while filming for KBS Dream Team,in the pic, she’s the one with hat

bambam-3[22] GOT7 Bambam (@bambam1a)

-> how they met : they met first time when roommate members deliver briquette episode, then they met again when Jackson invited his foreign friends, he is one of the fanboy of Youngji ^^

joon oppa and youngjiwith Joon oppa

[23] G.O.D Joon (@godjp)

-> how they met and details : like Jackson, Joon oppa is the new cast member in SBS Roommate season 2, Joon oppa is the best supporter of all Roommate family, our lovely Joon oppa~^^

Screenshot_2015-12-06-12-38-25-1[24] Sophia Wang *Jackson’s Mom* (@sophiawang328)

-> how they met : they met for the first time when Roommate’s christmas episode, she and Jackson’s dad was invited to the house by JYP for their son

B0mSs6KCYAAfT07 B0xeBsiCUAA3551[25] SBS Roommate Official account (@sbsroommate2014)

-> ps = Official account of SBS Roommate

9613 11376427_1599935190279059_685891240_n[26] Super Junior M Zhoumi (@zhouzhoumi419)

-> how they met : met for the first time when Youngji as the guest in C-radio with Boyfriend Kwangmin and VIXX Hyuk….Zhoumi and Youngji’s hair shop is same,so after that they became close to each other,Zhoumi is Jackson’s friend too…. Zhoumi said his bestfriend in Korea is Youngji, When Youngji as special MC in The Show, he tease Youngji with his co.MC Hongbin~^^

Screenshot_2015-12-06-10-21-28-1[27] Mark PD (@mbcmarkpd)

-> how they met : he is the PD-nim of Kara project, maybe the first PD-nim that Youngji met…

CVmFwKLUkAASk-D[28] Park Sanghyuk PD (@parksanghyuk_sbs)

-> how they met : he is the PD-nim of SBS Roommate

jisook-youngji Jisuk-Youngji
[29] Rainbow Jisook (@jisook718)

-> how they met : they are labelmate in DSP, call themself as ‘Youngjisook sibling’

Screenshot_2015-12-06-16-56-33-1[30] Singer-Songwriter Lee Na Gyeom (@leenakyeum)

[31] Choi Seo Yoon (@seoy0_0nchoi)

-> details : she is Youngji’s friend, older than Youngji so she still call her ‘eonni’ eventho they are friend~

Screenshot_2015-12-06-12-41-11-1[32] Yama & Hotchicks (@hotchicks0318 -> jooe0318)

-> ps : the backdancer for Kara (and seems for other group)


[33] Tamakki(@ryong_fi)

-> details : she is Youngji’s friend from Japan, she came to Karasia concert in Osaka, Youngji call her as ‘seonsaengnim’

Screenshot_2015-12-06-11-44-29-1gjhjhb[34] *name unknown* actually i forget (@ppoonippooni)

-> how they met : she’s Youngji’s friend, seems trainee with her too before but dunno details about her as trainee

Screenshot_2015-12-06-12-46-15-1[35] Former Member A-JAX Jihu (m_jihu)

-> how they met : they were labelmate in DSP

[36] Official account of trend N (@trend_n)

*the one who published nailhara

Screenshot_2015-12-06-17-55-20-1[37] E.one (@morrisoi37)

-> how they met : he is the songwriter of Cupid, Hara eonni’s solo song (featuring with Youngji),etc

[38] Jaejin (@jazzyin45)

CAsnn9OUwAA9vBL [39] Rainbow Woori (@rainbowoori)

-> how they met : they are labelmate in DSP, they came together to Yohanix Fashion Week

[40] Yohanix Kim Yohan (@yohanix_yohankim)

-> he is a designer,recently Youngji updated her insta with one of his design, last March, she came to Yohanix 2015 F/W Seoul Fashion Week with Rainbow Go Woori


faofafafam 201606071058508192743_20160607105900_01_99_20160607110217[41] 4minute Sohyun (@kkwonsso_4m)

-> how they met : she is Chamsonyeo member too w/ Youngji,G.Na and Lizzy

chahee[42] Melody Day Chahee (@hichaheebye)

-> how they met : seems they met first time when they were trainee together, then met again after 6 years in KBS Music Bank,she shared vid post with her…

tumblr_np9opqVV2F1tdhrwpo1_500[43] Secret Hana (@allabout_hana)

-> how they met : they met when they filming for Yaman TV

[44] KBS Kong Radio (@kbskong)

[45] Bok Sung Ah (@3223851jh)

-> how they met : she is the writer of KBS Kong Radio

Chamsonyeo (1)[46] Defconn (@thugdefconn)

-> how they met : actually their first meeting is in Weekly idol,then they became closer after Hitmaker

[47] Keone Madrid (@keonemadrid)

*famous choreographer*

[48] Mariel Madrid (@marrrrriel)

*famous choreographer*

with henry[49] Super Junior M Henry (@henryl89)

-> how they met and details : they met for the first time on Roommate when Jackson invited his foreigner friend, but i remember they followed each other when they met in Joon oppa’s wedding

B494o1nCUAEVjgn[50] JYP (@asiansoul_jyp)

-> how they met : met for the first time when he was invited to come to Roommate in Christmas episode, he praised Youngji when she dance ‘Honey’ with Seho

[51] Seo Youngho (@somethingjojo)

-> how they met : he is a photographer

[52] Windfall Park Dojun (parclassic)

005IL5pbjw1etwerxgdr7j30hs0hsjsy[53] Park Sangmoo (@photopsm)

-> how they met : he is the photographer who take her picture

CJd7aABUAAAriSd[54] Hiphop Singer and Rapper Nassun (@nassun)

-> details : Nassun is one of the producer of Hara eonni’s solo song ‘How do  i look?’ (featuring Youngji) *maybe he’s the one who made Youngji’s rap part in that song*

Screenshot_2015-12-06-12-53-57-1[55] Rainbow Hyunyoung (@cho_hyunyoung)

-> how they met : they are labelmate in DSP

[56] Rainbow Jaekyung (@_kimjaekyung_)

-> how they met : they are labelmate in DSP

[57] Rainbow Noeul (@rb.noeul)

-> how they met : they are labelmate in DSP

[58] Rainbow Yoon hye (@yoonhye.chung)

-> how they met : they are labelmate in DSP

[59] Rainbow Seungah (@snowmanloveu)

-> details : they are labelmate in DSP

Screenshot_2015-12-06-10-39-32-1[60] Kim Youngchul (@Luxekim)

-> how they met : met first time as the cast/regular member of SBS Founding star

[61] Announcer Jang Yewon (@yewon0714)

-> how they met : met for the first time in Roommate, when Seho invited her to visit the house and practice for their special stage,but they became close after be in the same program ‘Founding stars’, Yewon treat her as her real sister, I love their relationship~^^

11380772_876204552448246_1868392104_n[62] Singer Lady Jane (@yourladyjane)

-> how they met : the cast/regular member of SBS Founding star

apw8hwmcmae2zj1[63] Song Ahreum (@ssong_rme)

-> how they met : like Youngjoo,she is one of CCM girls

B9PJ43cCAAQrC4u[64] A-JAX Yoon Young (@2yoooung)

-> how they met : they are labelmate in DSP, Februari 2015,they came to Rainbow Jisook’s Photography Exhibit

hqdefault[65] San E (@sanethebigboy)

-> how they met : met first time,seems when youngji sing a little bit of raina’s part on GDA, BUT…Youngji said she is big fan of San E

B2DEgDSCIAE2EMb[66] Actor Otani Ryohei (@ryo.vbps)

-> how they met : Like youngji,Ryohei oppa is one of new member in Roommate Season 2,and his Roommate is Joon oppa

Screenshot_2015-12-06-13-08-47-1[67] Moon Sook (@angelic0560)

-> how they met : she is Roommate’s staff


[68] Kimzakaya (@kimzakaya)

-> how they met : seems she is one of Roommate’s staff too


[69] Actress *Former Hello venus member* Yoo Ara (@chloe.yoo.73)

-> how they met : she is one of the cast in Alchemist too as Jin Ah,Oh youngji’s roommate

COCQPR-UYAAXV_4[70] Boys Republic Suwoong (@suwoong_95)

-> how they met : he is one of the cast in Alchemist too, as Woo Minwoo (2 years older than Youngji in drama,but actually younger than Youngji in real life,the second lead in Alchemist)

Screenshot_2015-08-22-19-54-51-1[71] Actor Yoo Jangyoung (@yoojangyoung)

-> how they met : he is one of the cast in Alchemist too, as legend sunbae

Screenshot_2015-12-06-02-28-43-1[72] Boys Republic Sunwoo (@ssunwoo312)

-> how they met : he is one of the cast in Alchemist too as Kim Young il, member of Alchemist club w/ Youngji

Screenshot_2015-08-25-22-58-34-1[73] Boys Republic Sungjun (@sungjun1217)

-> how they met : he is one of the cast in Alchemist too

12142073_758152277623954_1412827140_n[74] MC Jun Hyunmoo (@junhyunmoo)

-> how they met : met for the first time as the cast/regular member of SBS program ‘Founding star’

20226_1607220556198669_1672872627447829700_n[75] Heo Kyunghwan (@heodak81)

-> how they met : he met youngji as the member of ‘Founding stars’

COB1WsJU8AA3TKb[77] Esteem Model Song Haena (@songhaena)

-> how they met : she is one of the cast in Alchemist too as Kyung Ah, Kyung Ah and Oh Youngji is the member of Alchemist Club

IMG_20150827_040652[78] Esteem Model Kim Jonghoon (@j0ngh00n)

-> how they met : he is one of the cast in Alchemist too as Lee Youngmin


[79] Jo Hye Jung (@haejung_c)

-> details : She is Alchemist cast too, in Alchemist club as Lee Ahri who really loves food~ She is Veteran Actor Jo Jaehyun’s daughter too, She got many hate comments from antis, so for a while, i cant access to her account, but then one day, her acc is temporary delete

IMG_20150824_105957[80] Esteem model Jung Donggyu (@nonodong9 -> pigking96)

-> how they met : he is one of the cast in Alchemist too

11953279_1221962221162919_2192982448315055279_n[81] Actor Han Kiwoong (@vken1230)

-> how they met + details : they met in drama called ‘Alchemist’ and both are lead male-female, eventho they have 7 years diffrent-age but they still have chemistry too,and eventhough its just a webdrama,its their first time as lead, and its Youngji’s official debut as an actress

Screenshot_2015-12-06-10-22-58-1-1[82] Lee Hyunji (@lee_hyun_jji)

-> how they met : she is one of the cast in Alchemist too,as Seo Jun Oh’s ex girlfriend, Eventhough in Alchemist, she didnt have scene with Youngji, but then they met again while filming for KBS Dreamteam


[83] Actor Jo Kyunghyun (@ghcrew)

-> how they met : he is one of the cast in Alchemist too as Jin Ah (Yoo Ara)’s boyfriend

[84] Kim Mikyung (@kimmipower)

*one of the staff*

Screenshot_2015-12-06-12-17-42-1[85] Song Soohyun (@soohyunssong)

-> how they met : *unknown* but she shared pic of Kara when they did Karasia concert

Screenshot_2015-12-06-12-57-20-1[86] L.A.U *before is ‘Lu:Kus’* Jinwan (@jinwan95.09.07)

-> how they met : *UNKNOWN* but someone said that Jinwan is from SOPA too

Screenshot_2015-12-06-13-04-47-1[87] Hwang Shin A (@hwangsin_a)

-> how they met : she is her pilates teacher

[88] Park Min seon (@eump030270)

-> how they met : she’s one of staff/trainer in EMS (where youngji do her pilates)

[89] (@emsworkout)

CCSNDqIUEAEN5fB[90] Actor Kwak Dongyeon (@kwakdongyeon0)

-> details : seems they alr know each other in SOPA or when they trainee? they met in trend N, Dongyeon put ‘babo’ under Youngji’s signature, when dongyeon made insta, idk if its rite or not, but after i put a comment to follow youngji,he followed her, and then Youngji followed him back

Screenshot_2015-12-06-12-34-46-1[91] Han Sanghyun Cameramen (@hansanghyuncam)

-> how they met : he is the cameramen in Alchemist

Screenshot_2015-12-06-13-21-54-1CZ4auNZWwAEYG6Q[92] Gag Woman Shin Bongsun (@bbongsunny) *followed on 2 October*

-> how they met : they met for the first time when Youngji as the guest in food program ‘a meal’s dignity’


[93] Chef Raymon Kim (@raymonkim)

-> how they met : met for the first time on a food program…

Screenshot_2015-12-06-17-01-49-1[94] Park Misun (misun_park15) *followed on 5 October*

-> how they met : actually they met for the first time in Happy Together,but she followed this MC after they met in a food program

Screenshot_2015-12-06-17-45-40-1[95] Hyun Ju (@hhhx01) *followed on 5 October*

[96] Kim Seo Mi (@mks_omi) *followed on 5 October*

-> how they met : She is the make-up stylist

Screenshot_2015-12-06-12-14-48-1[97] Lee Sarang (@lsrrrrrrrrr)

-> how they met : one of Youngji’s manager, Youngji always call her ‘manager eonni’, You can see her appearance on ‘BonBoon Olympic’.

Screenshot_2015-12-06-13-02-21-1[98] Kim Minseok (@sandfactory) *followed on 11 October*

-> how they met : he is CEO in Ocean ent,and vocal trainer in Dream T,Duble Kick and YG,but i dunno exactly when they met

CXKkEceUsAA7lvP[99] Park Ki Eun (@iamkieun)

-> details : one of Youngji’s friend too, just like Seoyoon, but Kieun is younger than Youngji, currently study abroad in New Zealand

Screenshot_2015-12-06-10-21-54-1[100] Actor Won Kijun (@wonkijun) *followed on 11 Nov*

-> how they met : seems they are friend,and recently Youngji and her sister came to his cake shop

12224211_408626726015342_1179774697_n[101] Park Jaebum PD (@jaebum_park) *followed on 12 November*

-> how they met : work with Mark PD made he know youngji as well… they both prepared surprise party too for Mark PD

apw8hwmcmae2zj1[102] The Seeya Youngjoo (@good7919) *followed on 19 November*

-> how they met : before Youngji move to DSP,she was a trainee in CCM (now MBK) with her and with various girls,the group called as CCM girls,they cover dance some group like Afterschool,Rania,SHINee,Kara,etc

Screenshot_2015-12-06-12-43-36-1[103] Choi Seung min (@s2ung_min) *followed on 19 November*

-> how they met : *unknown* he is Loen ent’s staff

IMG_20151120_213259[104] Chef Susumu (@syonaguni)

-> how they met : they met in food program a meal’s dignity

IMG_20151204_214404[105] Gag Woman Kim Jimin (@jiminlop) *followed on 27 Nov*

-> how they met : they met in tvN Conte and the city

[106] Actress Son Taeyoung (@sontaeyoung_official) *followed on 29 November*

-> how they met : like Park Narae, she is Youngji’s partner in MBC new program ‘CEOs next door’

12301228_533471416824080_379901045_n[107] Gag Woman Park Narae (@wooju1025) *followed on 29 November*

-> how they met : both with Actress Son Taeyoung is her partner on MBC new program ‘CEOs next door’

IMG_20151205_103658[108] Actor Kim Hyesung (@hyesamkim88) *followed on 4 Dec 2015*

-> how they met : He is her partner on Conte and the city, youngji followed him first, then Hyesung oppa followed her back

[109] Announcer Jang Yein (@yein1016) *followed on 15 Dec 2015*

-> details : She is Yewon eonni’s (real) younger sister, born on 16 October 1991 *only one year younger than Yewon eonni* ,former Weatherwoman in OBS News, now working as announcer like her eonni in MBC Sports+

15910490862934042829 B_u84D9U8AEDCb-SanJi[110] B1A4 Sandeul (@sandoriganatanatda) *followed on 15 Dec 2015*

-> how they met + details : met few times on KBS Variety Show Dream Team and they’re in the same team, blue team and in KBS Game of Thrones in 1 night 2 days team, then they met again as partner in SBS Founding Star, as partner,they introduce and promote things in that program together, Sandeul is the last member in B1A4 who joined with Instagram, then on 15 Dec, he followed some people and Youngji include in that~ not long after Sandeul followed her, she follow him back too at the same day

CWaXdWqU8AEMAOM CWcKWpDUwAEsmGE CWcnYKvWoAA-WhO[111] Girls Day Yura (yura_936) *followed on 17 Dec 2015*

-> how they met + details : not many people know that Youngji was a trainee in Girlsday Agency (DreamTea Entertainment),  Youngji was in one of Girlsday’s MV “Twinkle Twinkle”, so Youngji is friends with Girlsday member (especially with Hyeri since they are from the same school), Yura and Youngji met again on 17 Dec 2015 at Seoul Character & Licensing Fair 2015 (with Rainbow Jisook too)

[112] Nail TV Korea (nailtvkorea)

jaegeun and female team

[113] Hwang Jae Geun  (zquun) *followed on 10 January 2016*

details = part of CEO Next Door

Kisum-Youngji[114] Rapper Kisum (kisum0120) *followed on 23 January 2016*

followed each other when Youngji as the guest in a game show and Kisum is the host, recently Youngji support Kisum’s song “2 Beer” via her insta


[115] MIB Kangnam (kangkangnam) *followed on 26 January 2016*

followed each other after filming/broadcast day of ‘Farming Hands’


[116] Fly To The Sky Brian Joo (brianjoomuzik) *followed on 26 January 2016*

followed each other after filming/broadcast day of ‘Farming Hands’, Brian is the one who taught/let her know about Periscope, thanks to Brian, she use it frequently…

[117] Hyun Joo Yeop (hyunjooyup) *followed on 26 January 2016*

followed each other after filming/broadcast day of ‘Farming Hands’, while filming she taught him how to do selca ^^

[118] ? (ljh_ljh) 


[119] Rapper Dindin (dindinem) *followed on 14 February 2016*

they already know each other because both are fixed cast on CEO next door, and Dindin is her fanboy, but they following each other while they met by chance in a broadcast station and both wear pink outfit


[120] Food Researcher Hong Shin Ae (hongshinae_) *16 february 2016*

Hong Shin Ae is food researcher and one of regular cast on ‘Wednesday food’

[121]  repostapp 1 mar 

kwon soohyun

[122] Actor Kwon Soohyun  (hsu_hyun) * followed 8 mar 2016*

fyi, Kwon Soohyun is the one who supposed to act as Park Hoon (Park Dokyung’s brother in AOHY), he attended script reading and already filming a bit scene with Anna (Youngji) as well, but longg long before the broadcast day for eps 1, because conflict schedule, he decided not to act in this drama, then Park Hoon that we know, Heo Jungmin originally is already cast of AOHY but as part of Sound team (Meerkats team~^^)


[123] Actress Jeon hyebin (heavenbin83) 11 mar

started following each other after first script reading, Youngji (w/ Ha Sieun) came to Hyebin’s premiere movie to support her.


[124] Actor Kim Jiseok (kimjiseok16) *followed on 11 mar*

*same w/ Hyebin*

Originally Kim Jiseok is close w/ Kara member,Han Seungyeon, Seungyeon eonni asked him to take care of Youngji well during the filming for her.


[125] B.A.P Daehyun (dh_jung_bap) 14 mar

suddenly that day, Youngji uploaded a pic of she got a signed album from him,the message is for her too. *translation is on my insta*, apparently we still not have their direct interaction, but from this message, and he said he watched AOHY too,she even call her ‘oppa’, and she’s first female on his following list, i almost sure they are close enough.

*dont ask me how they close, bcs i dont know either*

[126] hong yunhwa (yunhwahong) 25 mar

met for the first time during her visit to Roommate House as Gookju eonni’s friend, and at that time only Youngji who’s stayed at the home.

[127] rapper gilme (gilmebaby) 26 mar


[128] Yoon Chaekyung  (chaekyung_7) 5 apr

following each other after she became the MC for joint Vapp broadcast for Shiyoon-Chaekyung

[129] Jo Shiyoon (shi_yoon2) 5 apr


[130] Eunyoung (shall_we247) 10 apr

She’s Youngji’s coordi/stylist, responsible for her outfit,

[131] wooholim 10 apr

[132] Cho Sunghwan (leebangwon_sadan) 20 apr

 one of the composer in CLEF CREW

[133] toisewebb 30 apr


[134] tvn_ohhaeyoung2016062217391720492-540x676_99_20160622174803sieun & youngji

[135] ha sieun (haase428) – 1 maybbb

[136] Yoon Dohyun (yb_official_insta) – 6 may

[137] jo pd (saganim) – 17 may

2016051918313085553_1_99_20160519193405[138] sung yujin (s.youjin) 18 may


[139] ajax hyungkon (kkons88) – 23 may

bb[140] heo jungmin (h2j) -27 may

[141] hyunmidiCmlKZ9rUsAAQcob


[142] rlarlen0909


[143] eoope_20

[144] makeupkwon


[146] aluu_2015

[147] giraffe_jihye


[148] goomapapa (4 july)

[149] koji528 (6 july)



 Aena (@annaher79)

-> how they met : unknown *private account*


with her sisterHeo Songyeon (@sssong_) & (songvely1)

-> Real sister’s account~

tumblr_nljnve2uaJ1trcra5o1_1280Actor Jang Doyoon *former of Seventeen member* (@jdy1855)

-> how they met : seems they were alr know since in SOPA..both are from SOPA..

*deleted account*

Park Il Ho (@elaborati0n)

apw8hwmcmae2zj1Bang Hyun Ah (@lovely_b_91) *followed on 19 November*

-> how they met : she is Girlsday Minah’s sister,and she is one of CCM girls member

*now she’s Wanna B member with stage name Linah*


12132852_1718155821737122_2135151129_nYoon Yeo Beom (@yb.y35)

-> how they met : he is Youngji’s friend, he updated a post with Youngji, in the caption he said that after 2 years, he met again with Youngji, he wish her to be success too


tumblr_noosco3LgC1tdhrwpo2_1280 tumblr_np8h8pfS7Y1sf5d2xo3_1280 KBS AS4U ‘A style for you’ (@astyle4you)

*official account of that show..followed when Youngji as the special MC for wedding episode

[DONE = 07 December 2015]

*will edit if there is new following list or she unfollow someone*

[LAST EDIT = 7 July 2016]


Picture credit to :

– their SNS account (Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,etc)

– fantaken OR official pic (credit as tagged in the pic)

– DSP official twitter

– SBS Roommate official twitter

 – other media

– etc



6 thoughts on “Kara Heo Youngji’s Instagram following list

  1. (to Ellen Regar)
    you’re welcome…i will work harder…
    i still dont know about it, but wait female? are you sure?
    i thought she is male… I remember see her in Hara On & Off while Hara made a home party

  2. ahhhhh yes yes i remember…. aigoo she really looks like male…but if she is youngji’s manager why she’s there?
    if i’m not mistaken,youngji cant attend that home party because she has schedule

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