[Kdrama] MBC every1 webdrama ‘alchemist’ (연금술사) [Cast Info + Pictures]

fafafafafafafafefafafaaTitle : 연금술사 (yeongeumsulsa)

Working title : Alchemist / Professional in No Dating (지기술사)

Broadcast : *first episode* 5 October (on Naver) and 8 October (MBCevery1)

Channel : MBCevery1,Navercast

Episode : 3 (12 Part, 4 part/week)

location shooting/filming : SunMoon University (선문대학교)


Story : This webdrama theme is a mellow drama of 20s College student’s love life, ‘Alchemist’ is the name of the campus club in Munhwa University. They are group of college students who start this club to support each other in their decisions to abstain from dating and love and focus to study,graduate and job. But despite their best intentions, some of the members start to have feelings for each other. It is a youth story of rising 20s in university society. (cr:krtranslate,soompi)

Official site already updated for this drama, you can check by yourself to this link -> http://www.mbcplus.com/alchemists or http://tvcast.naver.com/alchemists *ps: since last edit, i will just edit and add some new info to this post..some of them i collected,translated it by myself, so dont steal or if you want to repost, ask me from my account (Twitter/Instagram = @araisyahftr)*


Lead Male and Female of this drama, Han Kiwoong and Heo Youngji


cast :


KARA Heo Youngji as Oh Youngji (@young_g_hur)

*Youngji’s first debut as an actress since she join with KARA last year*

(Literature Student, 20 years old)

“romance and passionate love is the privilege of youth in campus! – oh youngji”

Female protagonist of this drama, she falls in love at first sight with one of her senior, but unfortunately she has to join with “No Dating” club in her campus in order to be close with him. Her character is a college freshmen that still only fully with romance of love.

In an interview,Youngji said that her character in the drama and herself is almost similar,but she said eventhough its like that,she still hard  to expressing it.

Eventho she has a dating fantasy when she came to the University, she join the club without knowing what is that club. But oppa that always she dreaming and her ideal type is in there!


Han Kiwoong as Seo Jun Oh (@vken1230)

*famous of his acting in Lee Jongsuk’s drama “I can hear your voice” as the killer twins with his real twin,Han Kiwon*

(Business Administration Student, 22 years old)

“For a success, Dating is luxury! – Seo Jun oh”

Sunbae (senior) that Oh Youngji falling in love at first sight with, but he is a chic president of “No Dating” club. He always make woman’s heart fluttering and like him just because his perfect appearance, but he has no interest in dating. He has cool character.

He cant lose time just for a romance. He only want to look perfect all the time without being tied to a woman. Then,, can Youngji’s crush accept her…?


Boys Republic Lee Suwoong as Woo Minwoo (@suwoong_95)

(Business Administration, 22 Years old)

“Music is my life, Woman is my rhythm, I’m looking for my muse~ – Woo Minwoo”

He is a rapper

*my guess…His muse is Youngji and he will be the secret admirer of her*


(former) Hellovenus Yoo Ara as Yoo Jin Ah (@chloe.yoo.73)

(Literature Student, 20 years old)

“If you dating, you will know the feeling of being a real woman – Yoo Jin Ah”

Oh Youngji’s bestfriend and the closest friend that she has, she is her roommate too. Her character is full of relax, sincere. Eventhough she is a feminine character with integrity, but she is still has chic and elegant character too. Especially, whenever Youngji has a problem, she will give her an encouraging advice.

*funfact : Jin Ah is Youngji’s real roommate in SBS Roommate Season 2 a.k.a Nana.. Jin Ah is Nana’s real name*


Yoo Jang Young as …. (@yoojangyoung)

Based from his information, his character is an ugly sunbae and an odd sunbae for youngji. He is the legend senior in the club,and also the scene stealer.


Boys Republic Choi Sunwoo as Kim Young Il (@ssunwoo312)

(Mechanical Engineering student, 22 years old)

“Person who never has girlfriend/never dating, an outsider, i’m living alone – Kim Young il”

He is an outsider in Youngji’s college, and also the member of ‘No Dating’ club with Youngji

For him, the world is ALONE. Hate to get alog with other, hate to be interfere with something even hate to got award. Surely he hate romance too. A mysterious guy who always with his hooded sweatshirt and always bring his headphone to listening the music whenever he goes.


Esteem Model Song Haena as No Kyungha (@songhaena)

(Visual Design Student, 22 Years old)

“I love myself more than a man – No Kyungha”

Member of ‘No Dating’ club too. Someone who has perfect body and has sense in fashion. Her character, she is a sexy and cool woman,everyone will get attracted by her appearance.

Her taste is obviously. She is bother to meet guy. One day,she determines herself to move from romance. Thats why she join with the club (alchemist)

CPj7xuKU8AAEhG3Jo Hyejeong as Lee Ahri (@haejung_c)

(Psychology Student, 22 years old)

“My sweet snack time is more important than dating – Lee Ahri”

Member of ‘No Dating’ club too, she cant live without her food, everytime,everywhere,what she do is eating.

She’s give up to diet, and to dating. Instead of dating, she prefer to do 먹방. she thought that right now is her happiest moment, but then… some new fluttering thing come to her?!


Esteem Model Kim Jonghoon as Lee Hyungmin (@j0ngh00n)

(Philosophy Student, 22 years old)

“Everything in the world are make me struggle, and insomnia, I really want to sleep for a long time, once… – Lee Hyungmin”

Member of ‘No Dating’ Club and he is a part time worker in the college.

for him, the world is competition, and war. He even almost has no time to sleep. Because of it, he start to be a part time worker and provides food in the last expired date for friends.


Esteem Model Jung Dong Gyu as Donggyu (@nonodong9)

One of the student that doesnt really like with “No Dating” club.


Jo Kyunghyun as … (@ghcrew)

his character is Yoo Jin Ah (Yoo Ara)’s boyfriend

Professor :


Lee Doo Il as Prof of Business Administration

“Love/Dating effect can maximize the minimum cost level”

Yoon Yonghyun as Prof of Educational Psychology

“No Snack….Dating is OK”

Yoo Jeong Ah as Prof of Literature

“what if you are part of “No Dating” Club, for us, we had that romantic moment too”



Boys Republic Sung Jun as Sungjun (@sungjun1217)

The character providing comic relief in the drama (cr : allkpop)


Lee Hyun Ji as Hyunji (@leehyunjji)

Seo Jun Oh’s ex-girlfriend


Gong Min Gyu as … (@kongmingyu)

A student in that residence that can see ghost


Sheida (@wtfoxshei)

a foreigner in Munhwa University that wanna join with ‘No Dating’ Club

*fyi, Sheida is not an actress, she is just a student in Sunmoon University that casting by the staff*

BTS pics 


Episode 1

(part 1) = tvcast.naver.com/v/553124

[ENG] Teaser 1-4 (cr: KY Kyin)


Video from Han Kiwoong’s twitter

Source :


All cast’s SNS account (twitter,instagram,facebook)

naver.com (go to naver and find ‘연금술사’)

Instagram (go to instagram and find ‘연금술사’ as well ) & A bit interview (?) with the cast..

Han Kiwoong (&Han Kiwon)’s Fanpage insta acc : hankwen_kwoong1230

fan ig acc : ansungha, pandayano07


6 thoughts on “[Kdrama] MBC every1 webdrama ‘alchemist’ (연금술사) [Cast Info + Pictures]

  1. Hi!! I’m Youngji Latin american fanbase, I would like to translate this into Spanish, obviously I will give English credits.I hope you do not mind, anyway, if you are against so, i don’t do it.
    Please, If I was rude, I’m sorry )=, my english is so poor, I understand english but, i cannot written very well, lol.
    I await your response

  2. @Valeri Hi.. i definitely dont mind if u do it bcs u r alr ask me..but its not complete yet… I still wait for info from the official site.. or.. ok you can translate it into spanish but you need to always go to this post to check if there is any new information again..
    thanks a lot for ur appreciate for my post and nice to know our youngji has fans from there..

  3. Hey!!your summary is daebak:-)hope you keep updating and keep us informed.. Thank you again for your hard work you put in translating in IG too!!! 🙂 🙂

  4. Hi, May I know when this drama is to be released? I can’t seem to get any details apart from here…Thank you for your help

  5. Nice drama. BEEN watching it and it’s pretty fun. BTW Yoo Jin Ah is different from Nana (Im Jin Ah- real name) who is Youngji’s real roommate in SBS Roommate Season 2. ^_^

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