Translate of Kara Youngji Osen Interview 141220

Osen Interview (1)

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  • The place of Interview is Youngji’s parent’s Coffee Shop,Coffee Terrior ,she made caffe latte for the reporter by herself,she even can make heart shape in the caffe latte now,but still not perfect tho because she said that she cant hold the balance well
  • Youngji’s first audition is not to Keyeast or CCM or DSP media first,but to Girls Day’s Agency DreamT entertainment (Osen Interview)
  • When Girlsday promoted “Twinkle Twinkle”,the respond from netizen is good,so she said that she is so happy and touched
  • Youngji thought that she can be in another group (in Girls day Agency),but that plan was always postponed,so she left the agency,but she said that she still remember how she used to wash the dishes with Minah and Hyeri in the cold water together
  • About her english skill,eventhough she had studied in New Zealand for two years,her skills still not good enough
  • Its Youngji’s comment about Jackson,she said Jackson came to Korea 2 years ago,but his pronounciation is much better now,she said “compare it with me” (maybe she means,She in New Zealand is two years too,but her skill is just so so)
  • Youngji said that she just know the meaning if someone speak english,she still feel afraid if she talk in english with Joonhyung and Jackson
  • Youngji said that her first dream not as a singer but as a musical actress
  • when youngji in elementary school,she alr used to came to a theatre to see the musical performance by college student
  • Youngji said that she likes the estimation of vocal music in  musical, so when she was still in grade 6,she already learn about vocal music
  • To learn more about english,she decided to studied abroad to New Zealand for 2 years,at that time,she’s still in Junior Highschool
  • Youngji said that in New Zealand,she isnt learning english,but she just playing with the sheep (like what she said in her Roommate Interview)
  • Youngji said that when she back to Korea,her parent cant recognize her because she gained weight so much,she eat many junk food there,she even doesnt know how much callories in each of her food that she eat
  • how she change her dream from musical actress to idol? she said that she is a fan of BoA,she said that BoA is her inspiration and after she listened to SNSD debut song,she change her dream to be an idol
  • Of course her parent are disagree with her choice at first,but Youngji said that she makes sure her parent with her personality (maybe like said “Mom…Dad….i can do it,please trust me for do what i want”) After like that,Youngji’s parent give up and dedided to supporting their daughter to achieve her dream
  • Youngji said that when all people around her called her as “Kara Youngji” not only as “Heo Youngji”,she likes it very much
  • Youngji said that the question that always asked to her is “Isnt it so tired?”,She said that she was worried about it too at first,”can i adapt well in the group?” she said that she really tried hard,but because its the first time,she feel she doesnt fit well,So she said she saw the video of her dance training a lot,if she doesnt know something,she will ask it to Kara eonnis
  • Now Youngji said that she alr can match her breathing (in sing,especially a dance girl group breathing is important) with other Kara eonnis little by little
  • “I’m so happy,even if i cant eat properly,and cant sleep properly,but i feel i received so much love,sometimes i heard a lot of mean comments about me,but i already prepared my mind,so its okay,the variety of that mean comments is so much,i saw all that 600 comments,all are different,sorted by date too,look to that all comment makes me tired,but i saw good comment too”
  • “I started to eat vegetables for my diet,but i dont know i will like lettuce that much,Nowadays, i can eat 4 slice of that at once,and in this japan’s tour,the lettuce size is bigger than my face,i’m so happy”

Osen Interview (4)Link :

  1. Look alike with Actress Han Ye Seul (Now act in Birth of Beauty) [Youngji = O] there is a beautiful pic of her that had been collected by herself,when Youngji look to the pic,she thought that Ye Seul’s elegance look is really like her
  2. Look alike with Actress Moon Chaewon [Youngji = O]
  3. You like your laugh [Youngji = O]
  4. You’ve trained your muted laugh first before do it [Youngji = X] Youngji said that she’s normally laugh like that, but she think she need to train it now,she said that she saw a capture pic of her laugh by fans,and she surprised,she doesnt know that her laugh is as big as that
  5. You’ve confidence to do diet [Youngji = O]
  6. You’re the ugliest member in Kara [Youngji = O] Youngji said that is true,she cant tell who is the prettiest in Kara,but if its the ugliest,its her
  7. Be a new member of Kara,You’ve ever regret about it [Youngji = X]
  8. Never have lucky because Kara eonnis [Youngji = X]
  9. When you was young,you’re popular [Youngji = X]
  10. You’ve been tried in love (maybe in relationship) [Youngji = X]
  11. You’ve many dating experience [Youngji = X]
  12. You’ve been shed tears because a man [Youngji = O] Youngji said when she was young,she has an oppa that she likes very much,but that oppa only saw her as a dongsaeng (little sister),he even not contact her when she’s debut. She said she only has 16 contact in her phone (10 from agency,6 for family)
  13. You’ve many jealousy [Youngji = O]
  14. You’ve many female fans than male fans [Youngji = O]
  15. You’re the type of dash someone first [Youngji = X] Youngji said that she has been hurt by someone before,so now she want to priority her heart first than anyone,she said everyone who heard her said like this maybe will think like “You still dont know about that”
  16. Now you’ve boyfriend [Youngji = X]
  17. There are people that have “Some” relationship with you [Youngji = X] “Many people do it,but not me,I still not do that”
  18. (cr: soompi)
  19. After debut as singer,you’ve never meet a star that you liked  [Youngji = X] “For this question, i answered X bcs after i thought it,i have,but now already feel like a family,(Lee) Dongwook oppa, before debut i was a fans of Dongwook oppa,I’ve seen all his dramas and films,my (biological) eonni is the one who falling in love with him first,thats why i like him too,when i started filming Roommate,i couldnt even meet with Dongwook oppa’s eyes,because i’m so nervous,Now i’m fine,Really forever fan”
  20. You like meat more than rice [Youngji = O]
  21. You’ve many friends [Youngji = X]
  22. You’ve more friend that rational than irrational friend [Youngji = X]
  23. You’re a morning person [Youngji = X]
  24. “be in a group like Kara,makes me got the sense of responsibility by myself,in this Japan tour,there are about 25 song that need to sing it in Japanese,so just preparing for the concert,i prepared myself too,’can i do it?’ thats maybe what i thought at that moment,so i thought like this again ‘no matter what’ like before,In the past,when i thought like this,i think i can do it no matter what happen.”
  25. Plan for the future? “That’s what i think everyday, each day, we need to have a plan right? even after 10 years,i still want to work as Kara Youngji,and now….i want to be always with Kara eonnis,and for ‘Roommate’,i hope it will did well too”

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