[Random] Apink Naeun’s Younger Sister,Son Saeeun


who is this?? this is Saeeun….pretty right?? like our Naeun…her sister as well~~

If you are a fans of Apink,You will know….Naeun has a younger sister who is 3 years younger than her,but actually she’s taller than her (lol) I saw her when i watched Apink News Season 2 (She came with her mom,and other Apink member’s family to support them) and yap..Saeeun is taller than Naeun….let me introduce a little bit about Saeeun~~

Name : Son Sae Eun (손새은)

Date of Birth : 10 November 1997

Height : 175 cm (Naeun is 168 cm)

Education : Gundaebusok Highschool (1st grade) Career : 2012

  • 24th Seoul Association Student Golf Tournament (woman team) (2nd Place)


  • 24th Sports Senior National Highschool Golf Tournament Woman Individual (8th Place)
  • 1st SR30 Korea Highschool Golf Tournament Woman Individual (3rd Place)

Note :

  • According to Naeun,her sister Saeeun is still work hard to be a LPGA Player (LPGA is Ladies Professional Golf Association, is an American organization for female professional golfers)
  • First Appearance was when she and her mom came to MyMy MV’s shooting set for support Naeun

son-na-euns-little-sister saeeun2 saeeun3 BTS Video of “My My” Making (Saeeun and Naeun appear in around 2:11)

Video cr : pinkpandasubs at YT

Pic cr : Naeun’s twitter ,onehallyu.com,namjuice


Please! Take it Out with FULL credit~~^^


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