Rapper in Boyband or Girlband


actually,rapper is a important part too in Kpop~ one of my friend is too addict to rapper…..she said that she is a Rapper-complex,so most of her idol is a rapper too in their group….because of that,i decided to make this list…but sorry,not all of the group….if you want me to add your idol (as a rapper in their group) to the list,just comment it..i’ll read all comment and put your idol to the list as soon as possible..i hope you can enjoy it~~^^ -Ra-

2AM Changmin and Jinwoon

2PM Taecyeon and Chansung


A Pink Chorong and Yookyung (Namjoo and Hayoung are rapper too)

A-JAX Hyeongkon and Seungjin

B.A.P Yongguk,Zelo,and Himchan

B1A4 Baro and Cnu

Beast Doojoon and Junhyung

Bigbang G-dragon and T.O.P


Sunny Hill Misung and Kota

Block B Zico and Kyung

Boyfriend Kwangmin and Minwoo

Btob Minhyuk,Ilhoon and Sungjae


Super Junior Shindong and Eunhyuk (Shindong as Lead Rapper and Eunhyuk as Main Rapper)


T-ara Eunjung,Ahreum,Hyomin *i hope i can add my hwa to the list*


Fiestar Cheska and Yezi


Ukiss Eli and Dongho (AJ is a rapper too,but i didn’t find the pic with three of them)


AOA Jimin and Mina (i love Jimin eonni’s rap~~)


4minute Jiyoon and Hyuna (but i love Hyuna’s rap more than Jiyoon…mianhe Jiyoon eonni)


Sistar Bora (Hyorin is a rapper too in sistar,but i always hear Bora’s part than Hyorin,because i think Hyorin’s voice is too powerful)


SNSD Tiffany and Hyoyeon


2ne1 Minzy and CL


CNBLUE Yonghwa and Jungshin


MBLAQ Mir and Thunder


Secret Zinger


KARA Nicole,Hara and Jiyoung (Actually,i only always hear Nicole’s rap than Hara and Jiyoung)


f(x) Amber


F.T Island Jaejin and Seunghyun


Miss A Jia (in their profile,Suzy and Min are as sub-rapper,but Jia is main rapper in Miss A)


SHINee Minho and Key


Afterschool Lizzy and Nana (actually in their official page,Uee and Gaeun are the rapper too)hoya-dongwoo

Infinite Dongwoo and Hoya


C-REAL Re-dee


5dolls Hyoyoung and Hyewon


Nu’est Aron and Jr


SPICA Juhyun

*I’ll edit it again later,because there are SO MUCH rapper in our kpop~~~*

Random Facts :

  • f(x) Amber and Miss A Jia (plus Min) are Bestfriend
  • 91lines are RAPPER (Key,Jinwoon,Hara,Nicole,Minho,Mir,Jungshin,Hoya,Nana,etc)
  • Visuals are not act too much like a visual,they are can rap too (Thunder,Minho,Hara,Yonghwa,Hyorin,etc)
  • Leaders are only lead the group? not..Jimin,Yonghwa,Doojoon,G-Dragon,CL are the example of Rapper in the group!!!
  • There is a couple in our rapper list (Junhyung-Hara)
  • Maknaes are can be a rapper too (Suzy,Minzy,Mir,Jinwoon,Jungshin,Jiyoung,Chansung,etc)
  • ex-member T-ara,Ryu Hwayoung is a rapper too…i love her rap,but….she’s not a member of T-ara again..Hwa eonn,,I miss you~
  • and Hwayoung’s twin,Hyoyoung are the rapper too in 5dolls
  • GD-T.O.P is the subgroup from Bigbang,and Hoya-Dongwoo debut subgroup with the title “Infinite H”

9 thoughts on “Rapper in Boyband or Girlband

  1. In Block B, P.O is a rapper too. In VIXX Ravi is the rapper, they say that Hongbin is a rapper too but he rarely raps in VIXX songs.

  2. @HyukkiiPsycho actually I’m not a fans of Block B..so I dont know much about them…but I will edit it soon..and about VIXX too…I only like their song,but dont know much about the group..ahaha…but thanks for ur comment….I will update it asap…..

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