Softskill Assignment

Name : Sarah Aisyah Fitria

Class   : 1SA03

NPM    : 16612834

Task : Find some advertisements [at least 2 advertisements] and do two projects:


“Close the door”

a. Close [v/p]
the door [o]

b. Close: verb, the: determiner, door: noun.

1. Burger King

“It just tastes better”

a. It (Subject),just (Preposition),tastes(verb),better(adjective)

b. It (Subject),Just(determiner),tastes better(adjective)

2. LUX

“Be more beautiful with LUX”

a. Be (imperative word),more beautiful (adjective),with (preposition),LUX(object of preposition)

b. Be (verb),more (the determiner) beautiful (adjective) with (the determiner) LUX (object)


“i hate slow”

a. I (Subject),hate(predicate),slow(verb)

b.I(Subject),hate (verb),slow (adjective)


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