[Post] What is the meaning of an “Idol” ??

kkk,actually its a task from my lecturer~

the task is discussion about a topic,and my group is decided to take “Idol” as our topic..then,i’ll put about it in my wordpress,since i’m explain a little about Idol from my opinion

for me,an idol is someone who can be an inspiration for a person to be a good person or to be better than before,and actually you can learn many things from them,like their good habits,or anything which is good for you to follow it..and for me,an idol is a people who can be themself,they aren’t too care about their image,they’re only want to be themself…they’re not try to be other person,they are have their own style~ a true Idol isn’t too care about haters who hate them,but they’ll always do the best for the fans who keep support and loving them~ actually,we’re as a fan of them,we’re dedicated our heart for loving them,support them,and praying all the best for them but,,if our idol is do a bad things,as a fans,we’re should protect,should tell them,its a wrong thing!!

and….its list of my Idol~~ (since junior high school until now,mostly from kpop)

 Cakka Kawekas Nuraga


IU (Lee Jieun)

SHINee Choi Minho

MBLAQ Yang Seungho

Super Junior Lee Donghae

*MY OTHER IDOLS : Heo Youngji (KARA),,Kim Taeyeon (SNSD),Luna(f(x)),Park Jiyeon (T-ara),Bae Suzy (Miss A),etc*

*if you want me to explain about my idol,i’ll explain a little bit about them*


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