[PHOTOS] SHOOT/BTS “To The Beautiful You”

This is all the Pics of SBS new Drama “To The Beautiful You”,adapted drama from Hana Kimi,and this is for the info about the drama –> https://araisyahfitria.wordpress.com/2012/06/16/drama-to-the-beautiful-you/
TTBY Character’s Relationship
POSTER 1 (Minho,Sulli,Hyunwoo,Junyoung,Haneul)
POSTER 2 (Minho,Sulli,Hyunwoo,Junyoung,Haneul)
POSTER 3 (Minho,Sulli,Hyunwoo,Junyoung,Haneul)
(Minho-Taejoon) 1
(Minho-Taejoon 2)
(Minho-Taejoon 3)
(Lee Hyun Woo- Cha Eun Gyeol)
Promo Pics (Jaehee cuts her hair to be a boy)
Another pics of Jaehee cuts her hair,with Julia (her friend in America)
Behind The Scene (BTS)
Poster Filming
“Sulli and HyunWoo in a restaurant~ look…Sulli’s short hair~”
Other Sulli+ Hyun Woo Pics~
HyunWoo with the girls.. *I think it’s the girl who has a crush on Hyun Woo’s character*
Lee Hyun Woo on the set
Sulli and Minho (in front of the long black hair girl,with the hat)
Minho’s back while filming~
EXO K+M is the cast too in this drama~ (y)
Minho,Sulli and the dog (Sangchoo)
Minho (cr : Sweet_swimming)
Minho with Sangchoo
Sulli,Minho and Sangchoo
The Location of “To The Beautiful You”
Sulli with Minho (cr : @sulli94net)
Sulli (cr : @sulli94net)
Sulli with Sangchoo
Minho (cr : @Sweet_swimming)
Minho (cr : @Sweet_swimming)
Minho (cr :@Sweet_swimming)
Lee HyunWoo (cr : @gyusmi)
Sangchoo with Sulli (cr :  @sulli94net)
The Cast
Minho is practice for High Jump
[TEASER] Minho as a High Jump Player
Father and Son (Kang Geun Wook and Kang Tae Joon)
Seo Jun Young and Lee Hyun Woo on the set (Ha Seung Li [Lead of Dorm 2] and Cha Eun Gyul)
Rumor of the dormitory design (cr : baidu.com)
First script reading for SBS’s To the Beautiful You (August)

*The cast recently came together at the SBS Ilsan Production Center to have their first script reading *
Process of Shooting and the script of the drama
Teaser Drama 
Credit to coollhii at youtube
Credit and Source from :

6 thoughts on “[PHOTOS] SHOOT/BTS “To The Beautiful You”

  1. I LOVE TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU MINSUL 4EVER SARANGHE MINSUL@@@@!!!!!!!!>>>>><<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love my hero MINHO
    To the beautiful you.is very lovely story
    and I am minho’s very big fan. My one and only hero is my MINHO l love u 💖
    .minho and sweety sulli

  3. I loved how the story flow, how they deliver the story. Can’t stop myself from watching this Korean Drama I kept on repeating ❤

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