[Drama] To The Beautiful You

This time, I will tell you all about the one of the SBS drama is scheduled to be aired in august replacing the drama “Ghost” (played by So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee), “To The Beautiful You” is an adapted drama from the story of Hana Kimi Taiwan and Japan versions (Hanazakari no kimitachi e) and the manga, the Japanese version’s story was about Mizuki Ashiya, a girl who was helped by a high jumper named Izumi Sano, but for helping Mizuki, Sano’s leg is injured, and caused him do not want to high jump again, Mizuki who feel guilty is want to make Sano high jump again, she decided to come from America to Japan and attended the School Exclusively for Men and live in a special dormitory for men too only for make Sano can high jump again.. Drama ”To The Beautiful You” this story will be almost exactly the same as other versions, here are all the things about” the Beautiful to you “which I summarized from a variety of articles, check this out! :

The Cast and a little  information of his/her character in “To The Beautiful You”:

Main Cast

SHINee Choi Minho as Kang Tae Joon

Minho will be the character of “Izumi Sano” a high jump athlete who lost his confidence after an injury and didnt want to jump anymore~ (In the Japanese version, he was very cool, he is a quiet people)

f(x) Choi Jin Ri (Sulli) as Goo Jae Hee

Sulli will be the character of “Mizuki Ashiya”.First,she saw Taejoon (Minho) on TV, and she likes Taejoon, but suddenly she is know that her idol,Taejoon is not doing high jump anymore,so she is decided to escape from her family in the United States to Korea to make Taejoon recover from it, and want to do high jump again

Lee Hyun Woo as Cha Eun Gyul

The one of actor in God Of Study,Lee Hyun Woo will be the character of  “Shuichi Nakatsu” (Cha Eun Gyul) he is a football midplayer, with his talent, his good-looking, he gets lots of love from the girls, but he is a man who has not never felt love and involved a love triangle with Jaehee (Sulli) and Taejoon(Minho). (In the Japanese version, Nakatsu was thought that he was a gay because he likes Jaehee who he think as a man)

The Other Cast

Kang Ha Neul as Min Hyeon Jae

The newcomer actor, Kang Ha Neul will be the character of “Makoto Kagurazaka”  he is an athlete of high jump too at the same place with Taejoon (Minho),and also the rival of  Taejoon (In the Japanese version, the character of Kagurazaka is hm…a little bit gay, because he like Taejoon..)

Kim Ji Won as Seol Han Na

actress Kim Ji Won (High Kick 3) ,will be the character of Hibari Hanayashiki ,but with different character in this drama,she is a girl from a rich family,actually her character is a little childish, but if  Taejoon (Minho) is in front of her,she will change as an gentle lady,such as Hibari, Han Na will be the rival of Jaehee (Sulli)

Seo Jun Young as Ha Seung Lee

Actor Seo Jun Young (Tree with deep roots) will be the character of “Minami Nanba”.he’s a dormitory supervisor and leader of the fencing club, as Nanba senpai,he is will be a chairman of the dorm 2

Yoo Min Kyu as Jo Young Man

Rookie actor Yoo Min Kyu (Shut up! flower boy band) will be the character of “Megumi Tennoji”. He will be playing the role of the leader of the Tae Kwon Do. He is someone who seems rough on the outside but is very passionate about helping his hoobaes (Junior) as the leader of the Tae Kwon Do club. (In Japanese version,Tennoji is the leader of dorm 1)

Kim I An as Na Cheol Soo

He is will be the character of “Oscar Himejima”,as the leader of Dormitory 3, which is filled with the students who love theater and the arts

ZE:A Hwang Kwang Hee as Song Jong Min

Jongmin (Kwanghee) is a hurdler who tries to annoy Jae-hee (Sulli) but he actually is a warm hearted person. He’s a friend of Eungyeol (Hyunwoo) too

Ki Tae Young as Dr.Jang Min Woo

Actor Ki Taeyoung (Live in Style), the husband of actress Eugene will be the character of “Dr.Hokuto Umeda”. He will become a doctor in the school that helped Jaehee (Sulli) to hide her identity as a woman in the school~ the story is tell that the character of him is so unique and he will have a mysterious love triangle with the Korean language teacher,Lee So Jung (Lee Young Eun) and Byeon Kwang Min,the athletic coach at the school (in the Japanese version,  he is too allergic to a women,especially to the reporter at the school)

Lee Young Eun as Lee So Jung (Korean Teacher)

actress Lee Young Eun, she will be the Korean language teacher and she was involved in a love triangle between Ki Tae Young (doctor Minwoo) and Kang Kyung Joon (Kwangmin,the coach at the school). (In Japanese version,there isnt the character of her)

Kang Kyung Joon as Byeon Gwang Min (Football Coach)

actor Kang Kyung Joon (History of the salaryman), will be a track coach who coached the EunGyul (Lee Hyun Woo) in football. He is a track coach who so strict that he is nicknamed ‘rabies’ as he is so harsh on the students but in front of So-jeong, he is just a man.

Lee A Hyun as a Jang Sil-jang (Director of sports management company)

Actress Lee A Hyun (Twinkle, Twinkle) will become a director of a sports magazine,She is a perfectionist manager with a sports management agency with which the Tae-joon is signed. She knows no peace of mind as she deals with the players represented by the agency, yet displays talent and skills that are second to none

Julien Kang as Daniel Dawson

He will be the character of “Shizuki Claude Ashiya” He is Jae-hee’s step-brother(Jae-hee’s mother remarried after being widowed). After he goes to Korea, he finds out that Jae Hee is pretending to be a boy and has transferred to an all-boy’s school, and he tries to take her back to America

Girls Day Yura as Lee Eun Young

She is student of girl’s school where Han-na also studies and a fan+stalker of Tae-joon (Minho)

Jung Eun-joo as Hwang Bo-hee

Same as Yura (Eun Young),She is student of girl’s school where Han-na also studies and a fan+stalker of Tae-joon

Song Ji Soo as Sin Myeong Hwa

Same as Yura and Eunjoo,She is student of girl’s school where Han-na also studies and a fan+stalker of Tae-joon

Lee Ha Nui as the principal

actress Lee Ha Nui (Pasta) will be the character of “Principal Tsubaki” which became the charismatic head of the school as the principal character in Hana Kimi Japanese version

Ahn Hye Kyung as Yang Seo Yoon (Sports Reporter)

Actress Ahn Hye Kyung (Still, Marry me) will be the character of “Akiha Hara”. She is a sports reporter for the magazine (in the Japanese version,Akiha Hara is like the character of the doctor, and always like to come to the clinic of the doctor, even if only to teasing the doctor who describe allergic to a women)


Lee Han Wi as Hwang Gye Bong

Actor Lee Han Wi (Baker King,Kim Tak Goo) will be  the character “Sawatari” he is a dean of the students in the school

Seon Woo Jae Deok as  Kang Geun Wook (Tae Joon’s Father)

this actor (Heartstrings) will be the father of TaeJoon (Minho)


He is the dog in dorm 2,he is always with Taejoon (Minho),in Japanese version the dog’s name is Yuujiro



Mighty Mouth Sangchu as Muscle Student (Ep.1,6)

He is the student who fight with Jaehee in toilet

Go Soo Hee as Old Woman at Genie Highschool Cafetaria (ep.2)

Hong Rok Gi as DJ in charge of the party (ep 2)

EXO K as themselves (ep.2)

Kang Chan Hee as (Young) Kang Tae Joon (Ep.4)

Jung Yoogeun as Jaegyul (Ep.4)

He is SHINee’s son in Hello Baby,in this drama,he’ll be the imaginer son of Eungyul and Jaehee

Nam Ji Hyun as Hong Dae Hee (Ep 5-8)

She is Eungyul (Hyunwoo)’s childhood friend

LED Apple as themselves (Ep.6)

This is another information from the drama :

  1. Korea title is “아름다운 그대에게” (Areumdaun Geudaeege) “You who jumping to the sky are so beautiful”
  2. English title is “For you in Full Blossom”
  3. First Drama producted by SM Entertainment (who wants Eunhyuk-Donghae??? keke)
  4. Directored by Jun Ki Sang  (Boys Before Flowers,My Girl)
  5. Genre is Romantic-Comedy
  6. Original Work from the Manga “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e” is made by Hisaya Nakajo (published by Hakusensha on 1996-2004)
  7. The ScreenWriter is Lee Youngcheol (High Kick 1, 2, 3, Kimchi Cheese Smile)
  8. Music by Park Geuncheol (Goong, Queen of Games, City Hunter, Lovers in Paris)
  9. Art by Noh Sangsoon (You Are Beautiful, My Girlfriend is Goo Mi Ho, Shining Inheritance)
  10. Produced by Kim Hoon (White Tower-assistant producer-, Love in Harvard, etc)
  11. Action by Jung Jingeun
  12. This drama has 16 episodes (probably will increase if the rating is high)
  13. This drama will aired at Wednesday and Thursday at 21:55,the date is 15 August (From Minho’s interview with Vogue Girl)
  14. One of the shooting places are located in Yeouido Park
  15. Minho (Taejoon) is expected to do at least 3 kiss with the cast (especially with Sulli and Hyunwoo) *Do you remember if the character of Sano/Taejoon is got a little alcohol or rum he will turn into the kisser machine, and forget the original figure which very cool .. he will kiss everyone,even though a guy, in Hana kimi Japanese version too, Sano kissed Nakatsu (means..in the Korean version Minho will kissed Hyunwoo)
  16. other rumor is Hyunwoo (Eun Gyul) will also be doing a scene “kiss” with Sulli (Jae Hee)
  17. In the manga,the character of Sano and Mizuki is kiss 4 times (ups)
  18. this drama will use “matrix camera” same as SJ’s music video. Sulli’s nickname is “malang-i” made by Hyunwoo, and Sulli wil speak English in drama
  19. a Little chance we could see the other members of SNSD, f (x) *except* Sulli, CSJH and other actress from SM entertainment in this drama considering this drama focuses on the men’s school, and the average male players, female players are only the member of the Hibari Four (maybe later Han Na Four ^^)
  20. SULLI’s nickname is “Malang-i” made from Lee hyun woo, and SULLI will speak English in drama
  21. The production process for this drama is around 5 Billion KRW ($ 4.3 Million/Rp41Milyar)
  22. The name of the school is Genie High School
  23. Soundtrack of this drama : Jung sister (Jessica-Krystal) – Butterfly,J-min – Stand Up,Sunny ft Luna-Its me,Onew-In your eyes,Tiffany ft Kyuhyun-To the beautiful you,Super Junior KRY-Sky,Taeyeon-closer
Other Pics for “To The Beautiful You”

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  • star.koreandrama.org
  • aff(x)tion forums

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